Fortnite finally includes FPS only for those who hate building, but players ruin it:



Today Fortnite has announced V10.00 Patch notes, showcasing what might draw even more players into the game: A no building zone.

Tilted Town, one of the most popular spots on the island has now become a wild-west zone, quite literally. The major twist is that players are not able to build while inside the area: the only way out is by gunning players down.



Epic Games announced that Rift Zones (old map locations) have reappeared, like Dusty Depot - and now Tilted Town. Each area will include gameplay changes, rotating as the season progresses.

The area sounds promising, especially for players that find difficult to use the build function - which is basically a necessary skill to get further in the game. A common complaint from new players is that everyone in-game is pretty much already used to building, making it a frustrating experience for newbies, as often discussed in reddit boards. Tilted Town gives these players a chance to enjoy the most basic mechanics of the game, in the Fortnite style.

Not everyone is satisfied with shooting only. Players have been exploiting the edges of Tilted Town, sometimes being able to enter the area with building abilities. Players have taken over Twitter to share their methods of cheating the game, which can include a hoverboard exploit or building your way into the town area:



Season 10 Changes

In Season 9 we experienced the construction of a Voltron-styled mech, as well as a giant Kaiju creature that was slowly making its way out of ice under Polar Peaks. An in-game event allowed players to experience a mech-kaiju battle in first hand. Spoiler: the Kaiju died and now we have more mechs.

A two-person mech called “The B.R.U.T.E.” has been added to the game, allowing players to collaborate on piloting it. One player is responsible for movements like dash, jump and stomp, and the other player is responsible for shooting - and self-destructing if you see fit.




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