Sights from the 2017 Kidult & Hobby Expo in Seoul



Who said comic books and toys are just for children? The 2017 Kidult & Hobby Expo is being held from Jan 19th to 22nd in Seoul, South Korea for grown-ups who want to buy comic book related goods and toys. In the expo we were able to find cute and tiny stationery, art toys, plastic models, paper models, and many more fascinating items. Musical instruments, drones, and handcrafts were also there to captivate customers, and finally, concept art books for famous video games were waiting for gamers to collect them all.

Aside from the above sales, paper craft and paper model festivals and plastic model festivals were held as sub-events. At the events, audiences were able to see their favorite models and vote for the best model. Now, let us visit the expo and take a look at the fascinating items through our photos.



▲ The entrance to 2017 Kidult & Hobby Expo


▲ DUCKOO is waiting for us at the entrance 


▲ The first 200 get a free comic book character figure


▲ A rabbit in a suit


▲ Tiny DUCKOOs


▲ More tiny toys here


▲ and there!




▲ These adhesive tapes look cool 



▲ Cool neon signs


▲ and Daft Punk


▲ A diorama for Mad Max


▲ And also for The Dark Knight Rises


▲ The paper craft festival was held at the left corner


▲ Paper models


▲ Tetsujin 28-go looks nothing like paper


▲ Everything is made of paper 


▲ Look at all the details


▲ What an impressive size! 




▲ A traditional Korean costume-themed paper robot 



▲ “Death walks among you” 


▲ D.VA’s mech


▲ and Zenyatta, all made of papers



▲ A life-sized Android 18


▲ Stormpapers, I mean, troopers 


▲ (BGM: The Imperial March)


▲ Paper cameras




▲ Back at the main hall




▲ At the Barbie doll repaint booth we could meet




▲ Barbie dolls repainted to look like Korean celebrities 


▲ Marvel Collection Enter: 6, the official Marvel Store



▲ “Avengers Assemble!” 


▲ Hard suitcases


▲ “I’ve come to bargain.” 


▲ SD Ironman figures



▲ Bunch of other Marvel characters 



▲ and The Joker from DC comics


▲ Is that Choux Pastry I see?



▲ What happened, R2-D2!






▲ Other toys, figures, and dolls from different comics 



▲ Stormtrooper figures for sale


▲ At the right corner, there were tables and chairs for board games.


▲ Concept art books for Star Wars


▲ I have to have these!


▲ Toys everywhere!



▲ Wait, do I smell beer? 


▲ Yes, but maybe later when I’m not working...


▲ Trying out some musical instruments



▲ Hello Finn and Jake!



▲ Only two of these suitcases were left


▲ Small handcrafts


▲ and accessories 




▲ Come visit us at the expo! 


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