Amazing on 100 Thieves' improvements: "We've been talking about our issues a lot more clearly."

While the crux of 100 Thieves' mid-season turning point has been focused around the Bot Lane duo of Bae "Bang" Jun-sik and Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black, the impact Maurice "Amazing" Stückenschneider has had on every game in the 2019 LCS Summer Split cannot be understated.

The veteran Jungler has been a workhorse for 100 Thieves this split, sacrificing his individual significance time and time again to act as a catalyst for the most aggressive early game play in the history of the organization.  Amazing's cerebral approach to League of Legends, as well as his relentless determination, have made him a perfect fit for 100 Thieves' current roster. 

The solo laners of 100 Thieves deserve credit as well — Ryu "Ryu" Sang-wook has inarguably made the team more decisive, and rookie Top Laner Aaron "FakeGod" Lee has done a solid job of absorbing pressure on the weak side of the map, often in isolated or outnumbered situations.

However, 100 Thieves' point of strength is the Bot Lane of Bang and Aphromoo, and Amazing has done a great job of helping the pair get off the ground. The current top 3 LCS Kill Participation Leaders: 1st. Aphromoo — 84.1%; 2nd. Amazing — 82.6%; 3rd. Bang — 81.2%. If 100 Thieves are doing anything, there's an almost definite chance Bang, Aphromoo, and Amazing are part of it.

Inven Global's Lara Lunardi asked Amazing what his thoughts were on 100 Thieves' key factors in turning the summer split around. "We've been talking about our issues a lot more clearly," said Amazing. "I think we've been a lot more honest about what's going on...especially when it comes to in-game issues. We don't sugarcoat it anymore, and if something upsets us, we just talk about it."

Amazing 's leadership qualities and big picture approach have an interesting backround. Before becoming a professional League of Legends player, Amazing played a fair share of basketball as a Point Guard. Similar to a Jungler, a Point Guard facilitates the offense and calls the plays to see what is possible to execute with his four teammates.

Amazing also shared his gaming background before League of Legends, his favorite NBA team, the origin of his gamertag, and a glimpse into his music taste. 

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