SKT Khan: "A few days ago, I played a 1v1 with Peanut and I stomped him so hard; I believe Clid will beat him."

On the 19th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, SK Telecom T1 defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0. With today’s win, SKT is on a 5-game winning streak and is only 2 wins away from the league leader. Jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha delivered splendid performance in today’s match and were voted as MVPs.


Below is an interview with Clid and Khan.


You’re on a 5-game winning streak now. How do you feel?


Clid: We haven’t played against the top teams in Round 2 yet. It’s positive that we’re on a good streak until we’re playing them and I’d like to do well against them as well.

What’s the main source of SKT’s wins these days?


Khan: There are too many to pick one factor; I would say everyone’s doing so well and that’s the reason.

Today, Clid played Sejuani. You played Sejuani for the first time this summer. Is she not a preferred pick?


Clid: I wanted to play Sejuani if the conditions come together, but since she was banned too much, I wasn’t able to play her.

Jin Air swapped mid and top in Game 1. Did you predict that Azir would come to top lane?


Khan: I really didn’t know they would swap lanes so my rune setting was completely off. After being struck by their spear once, I thought I was losing my mind. (Laughs)


Clid: When I went to top lane, it seemed that Khan was really uncomfortable. So I ganked top to free him up a bit.

Clid’s skillshot was really impressive as well. You hit Ezreal at top lane with your ult.


Clid: Effort and I was going top to get vision and there was prey to feast on so we did.

You predicted Ezreal’s movement for your ult. Are you usually good at predicting how opponents would move?


Clid: I’m pretty good at mind games. I feel good that I won today too.

In Game 2, Jin Air picked Mordekaiser. Khan had said that Aatrox is the best champion to pick first; at what tier is Mordekaiser at in the current meta?


Khan: To pick Mordekaiser first, there are counters. On the other hand, if you know the opponent champions, it could be good to pick him. Usually, we consider these champions as 2-tier.

Many players say that Mordekaiser is difficult to play against. Do you have any tips for playing against Mordekaiser?


Khan: Mordekaiser’s main skill is E; if you evade that well, you’re good.

Your next match is against Gen.G. They’re also on a good roll; how do you think it’ll go?


Clid: Gen.G seems to play the game well balanced and stable. In the center of that flow, there’s Peanut. I should be careful of him.


Khan: A few days ago, while I was playing duo queue with Peanut I played a 1v1 with him, and I stomped him so hard; I believe Clid will beat him.

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