Ranked Chat Podcast Invites Esports Pundit and Journalist Rod "Slasher" Breslau


Inven Global staff has decades of experience when it comes to creating esports content. First started in South Korea due to Western demand for authentic esports reporting, Inven Global is now based in Irvine, California with a new team of content creators, writers and as of late, podcasters.

Ranked Chat is the newest way for Inven Global to deliver esports content to our audience. Every other Wednesday, we bring on some of the biggest names in esports and invite them to talk with us in a no-frills, unplugged conversation about the most pressing topics facing competitive gaming. Ranked chat is all about encouraging candid, unscripted conversations about pretty much whatever esports topic our guests specialize in.

On the origins of Ranked Chat

One of the show's hosts, Mandie Roman (@geekyglamerous) had this to say about Ranked Chats origins:

"I am so grateful that Inven Global picked up Ranked Chat as a podcast and it is officially live! I've started this podcast with Colleen and Nick because I  wanted to have really meaningful and interesting conversations with people in esports that aren't always pro players. For obvious reasons the players usually get the most attention, but I think it is important to celebrate all the people working behind the scenes like coaches, community managers, business folks, tournament organizers -- all that good stuff!

I'm really hoping that folks with any interest in esports at all can take something away from Ranked Chat and learn a little something about a position or role they didn't even know existed... I wanted a place to talk about esports as a community, as a whole -- not just one league or something highly specific."

The shows other half, Nick D'Orazio (@nickdorazio3rd) couldn't help but chime in himself

"Esports has been a part of my life the moment I realized they existed with Street Fighter II and Starcraft. Thanks to that love of taking video games a little too seriously, I've worked in all manner esports jobs: as a player, tournament organizer, show host, journalist, strategy writer, lecturer and now as the Director of Strategic Content at Inven Global.

But what honestly excites me most is the Ranked Chat podcast. The support we have received is great and it allows Mandie and me to really explore the tone of the show each episode while still trying to deliver on the casual-but-informed tone. I really enjoy being able to focus on the people of esports and have them tell their stories and opinions on things. Ranked Chat is all about that so I am excited to keep this show running strong!

The team just wrapped on our 3rd episode, check us out!


Ep 3: Slasher on Pro Gamers Becoming Streamers, Inconsistent Twitch Bans, and more.

We follow Rod "Slasher" Breslau on Twitter (If you are reading this, you probably do too) and when we saw the following Tweet, we knew we were going to invite him on to the podcast:


Turns out Slasher has a lot to say when not constrained by 240 characters and our 3rd episode was filled with a variety of topics. From competitive Tetris money matches to Slasher calling us delusional (!) we had loads of fun talking to one of the most outspoken minds in esports about how rapidly things are changing within the industry and what we might expect in the future.

Episode 2: Tempo Storm Axe Talks Underrated Melee Characters


After Smash Summit 8, Nick pretty much threw a temper tantrum and refused to work until our podcast producer booked Axe to appear on the podcast. 


What followed was, at times, very nerdy discussions about Super Smash Bros. Melee frame data peppered with insights into what it takes to be the very best at one of the most mechanically demanding games in esports.

Axe is not only well spoken but an absolute genius when it comes to Super Smash Bros. Melee. His insights into the games underrated characters and Smash Ultimate's appeal were a joy to listen to and even non-fighting game fans can appreciate the passion on display.

Ep 1: 100T Sabrina Wong on Apparel, Team Management, and big LoL Upsets.


When it comes to budding esports careers, Sabrina Wong is a good case study for any young person looking to break into the industry to follow. Blizzard intern turned LA Valient Community Outreach coordinator and now the League of Legends Team Manager for 100 Thieves, Sabrina also just created her own esports apparel brand, Kill Steal.


So how does someone so busy have time for our podcast? We really aren't sure but we were blown away by the LoL expertise and big-picture esports understanding that Sabrina brought to the podcast. We talked about starting a career in esports, the problems of short-sighted esports narratives, and how Sabrina manages the 100 Thieves LoL team.

How do I listen?

You can find our podcast uploaded every other Wednesday on Soundcloud and all over our official Inven Global Twitter account. Let us know in the comments section what guest you'd like to see on our next episode!

How do I be a guest?

If you'd like to be a guest on Ranked Chat, send us an email at desk@invenglobal.com or leave a comment below! Feel free to write to us as well with any comments, questions, or feedback about the show.

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