MVG|Dark Wizzy talks state of Smash Bros. Ultimate and getting picked up by MVG

At CEO 2019, I had the opportunity to speak with the best Mario player in the world, Rasheen "Dark Wizzy" Rose. He's signed to MVG, and slated to have a very strong placing in the incoming inaugural PGR for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Credit: SpectreFGC

How did it feel when you got picked up by MVG?

I was like really excited to do so. They announced me on my birthday. My birthday plus getting picked up made it perfect. I been with teams before, but this was/is my first big team so it’s amazing.

Why do you play Mario?

He’s been my favorite character since I was like 3 or 4. I keep playing his games, and I played him in there. I play him because he’s my favorite character. Before smash 4 came out I wanted to be the best Mario. Plus, I wanted to be the best Mario. If he wasn’t in smash I probably wouldn’t be playing.

What’s your advice to up and coming players?

My main tips to everyone have never changed: find a local scene, practice as many matchups as possible, analyze high- and top-level players of your character. Hudson Valley Community College was the community I found for myself and became a part of it. It’s a good chance you’ll pick something up from watching someone else play your character. And always PRACTICE. To quote MattyG, “Play a ****ton and good things are bound to come.” Been going off that since I started playing and it’s worked out.

Credit: SpectreFGC

How do you feel about people changing and such to get picked up?

I don’t think it’s a good idea. I been myself before I even had a tag. Wizzy was Wizzy before I even had a tag. If you think you have to change your personality to get whatever you gotta get it probably isn’t met for you. Leo, ANTi, Larry Lurr, Elegant, Tweek, Samsora, etc. are examples of being you and making it. 

What’s your mindset coming into a big tournament like this? 

Just to play well. It’s the last PGR event and I think I’ve done really good this season so I want to finish strong. I've been in Florida since it’s like my second home practicing with my team so I wanna do well this weekend.

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