[Rift Rivals Finals] Faker: "It's been a while since LCK won an international tournament. I hope the LCK wins more this year."

On the 7th (KST), the LCK defeated LPL in the finals of the 2019 Rift Rivals 3-1. Kingzone DragonX, SK Telecom T1, Griffin, and DAMWON Gaming were able to raise the Rift Rivals trophy for the first time for the LCK. After the match, caster Jeon Yong-jun briefly spoke to the players prior to the championship ceremony.


(To TusiN) You defeated Invictus Gaming, former World Champion.

TusiN: Since the first match is extremely important, we really needed the win. Deft especially put in more effort, and we were able to win.


For him to do that well, he would have needed some support.

TusiN: Of course, for him to deal damage that freely, my role was essential. (Laughs) We prepared well so we were confident in playing against any team.

Any comments to the fans?

TusiN: This year, LCK will take all. Thank you.

(To Faker) According to the data, the LCK wasn't able to beat a foreign team since the semifinals of 2018 MSI. How do you feel?

Faker: We weren't able to do well in this year's MSI either, but I feel good that we were able to resolve our resentment here at Rift Rivals.

Your Neeko was so amazing today.

Faker: It was all because of my teammates creating the proper situations.


What? Do you really think that?

Faker: Yes, my teammates did so well. And also, we were able to play without being nervous thanks to Kingzone winning the first match.


It seems that you'd have a lot to say.

Faker: It's been a while since LCK won an international tournament. I hope the LCK wins more this year.


(To Sword) Although you may have some regrets, LCK won Rift Rivals.

Sword: I'm very proud of the fellow LCK teams. We had a comfy ride to the championship. Although there are regrets, our goal was to win the championship by cooperating amongst the LCK teams, so I feel really good.


A word to the fans?

Sword: I'd like to thank all of you for cheering for us to the end. When we return to the LCK, we'll be enemies, but it's really interesting that we all put hand in hand to win the championship here. Thank you all for your support.

(To Nuclear) In the early game... (Sigh) You died so early that the fans weren't able to shout DAMWON FIGHTING!

Nuclear: (Laughs) I did die so early, but even if I did, I had firm trust in my teammates. I wasn't that depressed and was able to play without getting too nervous. I rode the bus that my teammates drove.


A word to the fans?

Nuclear: Before that, I'd like to say that I'm so thankful that I was able to play alongside such talented players. And to the fans, thank you for having trust in us even if we started the season with two losses. I think for today, it's alright to be overly proud of Korea, DAMWON, and LCK.

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