[Rift Rivals] LPL Hostess Candice: "I personally want to see the LPL win 3-0... but LCK is looking too strong for that at the moment."

The famous LPL hostess, Candice, leaned in and shared with Inven Global her personal opinions on the upcoming Rift Rivals LCK vs. LPL Final that'll take place on July 7. She was filled with excitement and a bit of concern to finally see the two regions clash again.

"I'm getting nervous just thinking about the Final..." Let's hear what Candice had to say!

It had been a while! How are you doing?

I'm doing well. This is my third time visiting Korea, and I'm really enjoying Seoul. When I get the chance, I want to come back for vacation!

The LPL seems to be back on the rise. They've advanced to the Grand Finals to face the LCK.

LCK lost only one game to LPL. I'm getting nervous just thinking about the Final. I'm hoping that the LPL players remain level-headed and give it their best. 

What're your predictions on the LCK vs. LPL Finals?

I personally want to see the LPL win 3-0... but LCK is looking too strong for that at the moment. Also, I heard that SKT had been underperforming over in the LCK, but they still look very formidable. 3-0 in favor of LPL is probably out of the question. 

As the LPL's hostess, which LCK team do you feel is the most threatening?

Griffin. Although it's their first time competing at an international event, their teamfighting and macro gameplay have been phenomenal. They're a scary team.

Which matchup are you looking forward to seeing at the Finals?

Griffin vs. Invictus Gaming. It's a matchup that I've always wanted to see. GRF finally arrived at an international event. I can't wait to see them play against the LPL's best, iG.

Lastly, is there anything that you want to say to the fans?

Please show more interest in the LPL! It's quite easy to find the LPL teams or players on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube!

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