[Rift Rivals] DWG Flame on Being in the Opening Ceremony: "I thought to myself, ‘do I belong here?’"

On the 4th (KST), DAMWON Gaming defeated EVOS Gaming in the 2019 Rift Rivals held in Seoul, Korea. Lee “Flame” Ho-jong started in top lane for DAMWON today and helped the team seize the victory today. Flame hadn’t played in the 2019 LCK Summer Split yet; it was his first match in several months. However, his performance hadn’t declined. Following the match, Flame sat for an interview.


You won the first match in this competition. How do you feel?

To play at the Rift Rivals is an amazing opportunity; I feel very thankful. Personally, my own performance wasn’t the best, but I’m mostly satisfied with the win.

You appeared in the opening ceremony. Hasn’t it been so long since you’ve been a part of such thing as well?

It felt good. Since all the others that were in the opening ceremony were amazing players. I thought to myself, ‘do I belong here?’ I just thought I did it because they told me to. (Laughs)

We haven’t seen you in the summer split yet.

It was the coaching staff’s decision and I just practiced thinking that I would have a chance. I’m very happy that I played today.


Which team do you have faith in among the ‘LCK Alliance’?

It’s hard to say, but Griffin and SKT are trustworthy. I may not know that well as much as Griffin hasn’t played in international competitions, but after seeing SKT win earlier today, I feel that they’re all trustworthy.

There are several hot top laners in the tournament such as Zoom or TheShy. Who would you like to face?

There are no top laners that lack prowess. I think I just have to play as I always did. I would like to face each and every top laner and fight against them.

You were photosynthesizing earlier today. It seemed that you had a lot of thoughts. What was on your mind?

(Laughs) I wasn’t thinking about anything. I had too little sleep so I was trying to wake up.

You played top Karma, playing Kleptomancy against Urgot.

It’s been a while since I didn’t play after she was nerfed a while ago. I thought I would be able to have the initiative against Urgot. I think my performance today was quite alright. One thing that was regretful was that since we didn’t have a tank, we had to use Karma’s ult for defense. It would have been better if I was able to use it to be aggressive.

EVOS picked up many kills in teamfights. What were the comms like?

We said that we would win in the late game. I usually very talkative in the comms, but I’m trying to say just what’s necessary now. (Laughs) Helping my teammates relieve the nervousness is good, but I’m not going to say any unnecessary things anymore.

After you came to LCK, NA is losing to EU a lot.

I guess it’s because I’m not there anymore. (Laughs)

Any last comments?

Recently, my teammates are really good, with great performance. I think we may be able to reach Worlds in this state. I’d like to thank our coaching staff for all their effort. And I’d like to thank my CEO for caring so much when I was sick. I’d like to repay with results for all the help I got.

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