World record time for completing videogamedunkey's Mario Maker 2 level hotly contested on Twitter.

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The YouTuber by the name of Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow aka Videogamedunkey seems to enjoy Nintendo's newest offering in the Mario Maker series, Super Mario Maker 2. So much so, the popular gaming personality created his own levels to post on social media.






Dunkey is a popular figure in gaming so, naturally, many people flocked to his levels. One of those people was Mychal Ramon "Trihex" Jefferson speedrunner and streamer. Naturally, Trihex wanted to complete the level as fast as possible and once he achieved the world record with a speed he was satisfied with, moved on to other levels.

On the day of Dunkey posting his levels, a player named Zylx on Twitter made a public challenge to the streamer on Twitter to beat his record of Dunkey's levels:


Competition ensued and Zlyx went on to take the record of the other level Dunkey shared on Twitter. With the rivalry in full swing, Trihex buckled down and improved his speed routing, beating Zlyx's speed by .5 seconds.



Then, Zlyx fired back with a new record of 52.721 seconds.


But Trihex wasn't going to leave it at that. Another improvement posted this time with a 52.535-second record.


7 Hours later, Zlyx retaliated with yet another improvement. The world record for completing one of Videogamedunkeys level was now a matter of public pride.


At this point, an online audience emerged to witness why Trihex is a professional. Two hours later, the world record was now 51.851 and firmly owned by Trihex.


An hour later, Zlyx reaffirmed dominance over videogamedunkey's level, this time in video form. 51.601 had been achieved.

At this point, both players were competing over a level made by a YouTuber and the margin of victory and defeat were being measured by hundredths of a second. Just one of the many examples that point to Super Mario Maker 2 being one of Nintendo's crowning achievements as a late.



Trihex proved "inevitable" and clapped back with a speed of 51.485-seconds but Zlyx, once again, proved a formidable opponent with the latest record of 51.235-seconds. 



As of this articles posting, Zlyx maintains the record and, on his stream, Trihex noted the nearly 5-hour posting difference between the two competitors records. Since the established best route has already been solved, he figures it is just a matter of grinding at this point and may re-visit the level to once again claim the seat at the top. For now, though, he is letting Zlyx claim the speed record.

Interested in seeing the practically perfect route of Dunkey's level? Check out this clip below of Trixhex's best speed caught on his stream.

Catch more of Trihex on

A small rivalry over a small level that resulted in an impressive display of min-maxing and gaming excellence. Super Mario Maker has proven one of the most persistently popular games on and the sequel seems to have only added to the games near infinite replay value.

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