[Sources] LPL Heads Directly to Groups Instead of the LCK in the 2019 Worlds

The LPL will head directly to this year's Worlds Group Stage. 

According to numerous Chinese esports officials, it has been confirmed that the LPL 3rd seed team will be directly heading to the Worlds Group Stage this year. The LCK that has been starting their run in Worlds in the Groups since 2017, will now have to perform in the Play-Ins.

LPL teams have been making signifi
cant milestones last year in international tournaments. RNG won the MSI and IG lifted the Worlds trophy. The Chinese representatives also won a gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games and defeated the LCK in Rift Rivals.

Although Riot Games hasn’t made an official announcement on this issue, this has been in the center of attention in the KR LoL community for quite a while. With Kingzone DragonX losing against RNG in the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and Gen.G Esports failing to get out of Groups, it seemed likely that the LCK would eventually lose their seed. 

Riot Games stated that they have nothing to confirm yet and soon will make an official announcement on this issue. It is also unknown whether the 3rd place LCK team will perform starting from the Play-In Group Stage or the Knockout Stage. 

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    level 1 Stuart


    Just a heads up mate, you state: "and Afreeca Freecs-Gen.G Esports failing to get out of the 2018 Worlds Groups" yet Afreeca did indeed make it out of groups.

    Other than that, great article thanks.

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      level 33 Akiin


      Fixed! Thank you for the heads up

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    level 1 Lialia


    I think they can still give KR 3 seeds. Just give LMS one seed instead of two. LMS teams has been consistently trash

    • 0

      level 34 haao


      Just so you know, Only one region can get three tickets to go group stage directly. LPL will takes it this year.

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