GEN Peanut on Meeting PraY Again: "I did miss him...Since we have a long way to go, I think he should let me win."

On the 13th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 7 match between Gen.G Esports and Jin Air Green Wings, Gen.G dominated the game. Jin Air picked Yuumi and mid Renekton, but Gen.G countered them through a bot lane Yasuo-Gragas comp. After the match, Kim “Life” Jeong-min and Han “Peanut” Wang-ho were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.


How do you feel on your win today?


Life: I’m satisfied that we were able to win as we thought.

Many people were evaluating that Jin Air is somewhat different from before. How did you prepare?


Peanut: We thought we would be able to win if we display what we prepared for the match, like Yasuo-Gragas against Yuumi.

(To Life) Why did you pick Aftershock on Rakan?


Life: I picked Aftershock against Lux because I would be able to rush in more conveniently.

How did you think to counter the Elise-Renekton comp in Game 2?


Peanut: At first, I thought of picking a defensive champion, and the coaching staff gave me a choice. I went with Rek’Sai and it went well.

It seems that CuVee is often isolated and alone. Is that a team decision?


Peanut: It seems that he’s like that because I’m not good enough. (Laughs) Well, there are situations where we have him play alone, but I’ll try to improve myself so that he can perform even better.

You picked Yasuo-Gragas against Yuumi.


Life: Yasuo is good against Yuumi and since I’m confident in playing Gragas, we picked them.

Your next match is against kt Rolster. You’ll be seeing PraY again. Didn’t you miss him?


Peanut: I did miss him. I didn’t think we’ll be meeting like this… Since we have a long way to go, I think he should let me win this time. (Laughs)

(To Life) Are you determined to win?


Life: We’ll show bot lane carry in the next match.

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