Loyal Pokémon fans are reeling after disappointing E3 announcement regarding Sword and Shield.



The Pokémon subReddit is currently on fire.

During the Nintendo Treehouse Livestream, Producer Junichi Masuda revealed troubling news regarding the ability to catch all  807+ Pokémon in the newest Nintendo Switch title, Pokémon Sword and Shield. When describing how the new cloud Poké-storage service called Pokémon HOME would interact with the new game, Masuda let fans know that only pokemon who appear in the Galar Pokédex will be transferable.


In other words, only a portion of Pokémon that exist will be playable in the newest Pokémon title.  Masuda cited tricky combat balance if all 807+ Pokémon were allowed while also noting that unavoidable development deadlines made the prospect of fitting all Pokémon in the game very difficult. The current number of Pokémon available in the new game is still unknown, this information let fans know for certain it won't be every Pokémon ever made and that is no good.

After all, Nintendo had advertised Pokémone HOME as a system that allows players to maintain the special bond they feel between their favorite caught monsters regardless of which Pokémon title you are playing. Now, some players will be unable to play with their favorite monsters, regardless if they have been transferring them from title to title previously.

This decision, while practical, is against the franchises oldest and most sacred goal: Gotta catch em' all!

▲This meme and many more like it are helping a distressed Pokémon community vent their frustrations over the changes.


▲Most memes capture the sentiment of hype suddenly turning into anger.


Strong E3 Nevertheless

Besides this blunder, Nintendo has had a very positive E3 reception from fans. The exciting reveal of "The Hero" from the Dragon Quest series and Banjoe Kazooie from their self-titled platforming series appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was pure fan-service. On top of that, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are clear contenders for the most anticipated games of the conference.

Optimists will say that Gamefreak and Nintendo still have time to add national Pokédex support, however, a more realistic perspective might consider this change an inevitable reality that will help the series create more balanced and perhaps challenging gameplay experiences.


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