[Press Conference] Interview With the Champions of the 2019 MSI, G2 Esports

On the 19th of May (KST), G2 Esports defeated Team Liquid 3:0 in the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) Finals and lifted the MSI trophy. 

G2 Esports was indeed a prepared team. Each player on the team knew how to play aggressively in the early game - which favored them in this current meta - and most notably, their vast champion pool already made G2 such a threatening team starting from the pick & ban phase. 

After the match, the G2 Esports team sat in the press room for a post-match interview. 


How does it feel to lift the 2019 MSI trophy? 

Head coach GrabbZ: I think we have more to go. We couldn't win against IG. Although I am happy that we've won, I'm not happy as the way I was yesterday since the series was one-sided. 



(to Caps) You performed exceptionally today and was named the MVP. 

Caps: I'm very happy. At first, we were concerned since Mikyx was injured. I think we won because everyone was so good. As GrabbZ said, I also think we have more to go since we couldn't defeat IG. I'd like to make my revenge in the next international tournament. 



(to Perkz) Do you have anything to say as a player that is leading the current 'creative' meta? 

Perkz: I'd like to recommend every mid laner to change roles to ADC. (laughs) Since marksman champions aren't strong, just simply use non-ADC champions such as Cassiopeia, Neeko, Yasuo in bot lane. I hope they buff the Ardent Censer. 


(to Caps) Do you think you're the best mid laner in the world? Do you also want to change your nickname, Baby Faker? 

Caps: I don't think I'm the best mid laner yet; I lack a lot. As for my nickname, I think now I'm a 'teenaged Faker'. In order to catch up with Faker, I'll have to not only perform better in the future but maintain my performance for a long period of time. 


(to Mikyx) Your performance on Thresh and Rakan was outstanding. How is it like to overcome your injury and finally lift the trophy? 

Mikyx: Today was one of my best series ever. I'd like to give myself an 8.5 out of 10. However, I'm still unsatisfied about not winning against IG. I'd like to face them again in the Worlds and make my revenge. 

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