[KR Reactions] G2 vs. TL MSI Finals: "Faker should be called “baby Caps” from now on!"

2019 MSI Finals


G2 Esports vs Team Liquid



Wow, look at this opening ceremony!

ㄴ Thank you for allowing a semifinalist appear in the video.

ㄴ Is this a Worlds opening ceremony?

ㄴ It’s a pity that SKT couldn’t make it to the finals…


I’m so excited! Well, I hope that NA would win this one.

ㄴ It’s time for Doublelift to finally lift an international trophy.

ㄴ Doublelift hitting his prime finally!

ㄴ Wait, isn’t it better for G2 to win since they won SKT in the Semis?

ㄴ I’m just so excited that a Chinese team isn’t up there in the finals.


To be honest, there are so many Koreans in TL that they don’t even seem like a foreign team LOL.

ㄴ On the other hand, G2 has no Koreans. Not even in their coaching staff. So if they manage to win, it’s going to feel so new.


Let’s go Doublelift!! Become a legend!!

ㄴ Let’s go Caps!!!







Wow, look at the picks & bans… This is what I’ve been expecting from an LEC vs NA Finals!

ㄴ You’ll never see that in an LPL vs LCK matchup that’s for sure.

ㄴ This is the only reason why I wanted to see NA and EU in the finals.

ㄴ I bet G2 will use Yuumi as an ADC


Look at that. G2 prepared a lot today.

ㄴ Hey, we have no right to evaluate anyone’s picks & bans since we’re already eliminated.


This one’s gone in 5 minutes LOL.

ㄴ TL is so bad in the early game.

ㄴ G2 vs SKT was probably the main finals for this MSI.

ㄴ Yeah, you’re free to imagine.


How the hell did IG lose against this team?

ㄴ This team is the most ‘dramatic’ team in this MSI.


Well, at least the game won’t end in 15:57

ㄴ How did you lose like that SKT??


It’s NA... I know they can turn this around.

ㄴ Oh, my bad. This one’s over.

ㄴ SKT is the unofficial second place team!




???: I heard that you two pick some fun champs. And I heard that you guys are good at it. Then can you give me a try?


I love that Top Pyke.

ㄴ Would be nice to see a G2 Pyke skin.


The guy who made the G2 mask is a genius!


Oh, wait. TL is actually 'performing' in game 2.

ㄴ Impact is doing well. The top lane matchup for this series is interesting to watch.

ㄴ After watching the 2 top laner perform today, I clearly can see that Khan is a level below.

ㄴ TL is actually dealing with Pyke pretty good.


What are you doing Jensen!

ㄴ Why TL!?

ㄴ Caps is so good. This guy is the best player for this MSI hands down.

ㄴ Is he the guy who was named “baby Faker”? I think Faker should be called “baby Caps” from now on.

ㄴ Baby Faker was Perkz.


???: Wow look at that Sylas… Has he been buffed already?




Who would have known that games 1 and 2 would end this quickly...

ㄴ You never know! It’s NA!


I could tell that Caps is ready to carry this game on Irelia!

ㄴ CapsLock


It’s over. I want to give a round of applause for G2. Their preparation for this tournament was perfect.

ㄴ It would have been good to see NA win the trophy… But, it’s still fine to see EU win as well.

ㄴ Now I clearly know that the LCK has a lot to learn. Especially, they should learn how to make a creative draft.

ㄴ Bye bye to the foreign teams! They’ll probably never go to Korea for a boot camp.


How did G2 finish 5W-5L in Groups?

ㄴ So, I can tell that G2 wasn’t the actual winners of this MSI LOL.


So, what vanished after Caps snapped his finger?
ㄴ half of the Asian players

ㄴ Faker’s pride

ㄴ half of the boring picks


Didn’t expect this would happen...


???: Wait. This is for G2.

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