[MSI Interview] TL CoreJJ: " Figuring out which champions are the best is currently the most important task that we'll need to complete during this group stage"

On the 12th, at the Hanoi Vietnam National Convention Center, Day 3 of the 2019 MSI Group Stage took place. Aside from the undefeated Invictus Gaming, every team looked beatable and had clear weaknesses. Although NA's Team Liquid had a great start this group stage - having had won both games in Day 1 - they began struggling from Day 2 and onward.

The following is an interview with TL CoreJJ.

How are you feeling?

We were a mess. I feel very conflicted. 

How's the team atmosphere?

Not great. We'll need thorough feedback once we return to our hotel.

What do you think caused your team's loss?

I feel like we're lacking the basics. 

Have you guys found what's causing your team's drop in performance?

Had we known what the issues were, we wouldn't have lost to Flash Wolves. BO1 tournaments require teams to think quickly and adapt.  We'll need to hurry and pinpoint our problems before it's too late.

The teams who were seen as the 'weaker' teams this MSI performed exceptionally today. 

All the teams competing here at 2019 MSI are champions in their own respective region. Each team is fully capable of winning, as long as they play the game at their own pace. There are no weak teams here.

The bot lane this tournament has had seen a wide variety of different picks. Could you give us a small tier-list for the bot lane?

I'm still trying to analyze and figure out a tier-list for the bot lane in my head. Figuring out which champions are the best is currently the most important task that we'll need to complete during this group stage. 

2019 MSI is your very first international tournament as a member of Team Liquid, the representing team of NA. Does it feel any different to your previous experiences?

The Korean fans expect a lot from you when you attend an international tournament as the LCK representatives. The same thing applies to NA, so the feelings aren't much different. The only thing on my mind is that I need to do better. 

The group stage is halfway over. How do you feel about the current standings? 

It's close to what I had predicted. But as you can see from the games, each and every team competing here have massive potential. I don't believe that there is a single 'undefeatable' team this tournament. Every match is interesting.

What's your goal this tournament?

I want to make it out of groups, but with how we've been performing, it won't come as a surprise even if we lose our quarterfinals spot to Phong Vu Buffalo. I still firmly believe that we can defeat anyone, as long as we play at our full potential. 

There are fans cheering for you in both NA and Korea. Please tell us your resolution for the remainder of the tournament. 

I'm really frustrated that we can't perform to our fans' expectations. We'll do our best to stay level-headed and perform better.

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