[KR Reactions] 2019 LCK Spring Finals, SKT vs Griffin

2019 LCK Spring Finals 

SKT T1 vs Griffin


Game 1



ㄴ  I can’t believe that I’m watching this unbelievable matchup with my own eyes!

ㄴ The matches I watch always end 3:0 .

ㄴ Go outside and get some fresh air on Saturdays guys...

ㄴ I think there’s going to be a riot if this ends 3:0.


SlayerSBoxer is in the house!!

ㄴ Starcraft legend came to watch the current Legends.


Look at the draft

ㄴ Wow, didn’t expect to see Pantheon.

ㄴ Garen: Yo, can you guys pick me too?


Griffin win!

ㄴ What are you doing Mata?

ㄴ SKT… It’s only 40 seconds…


Griffin prepared a lot.

ㄴ Wasn’t Sword underperforming?

ㄴ How did Kiin win Sword??


Look at Chovy’s CS...

ㄴ How did he get more CS than Ryze?

ㄴ 180CS in only 16 minutes!


3 straight Infernals.

ㄴ I think these Drakes know how the Finals work...

ㄴ They know better than Riot.


Faker god!

ㄴ He is back from the dead!


Clid is losing every objective.

ㄴ Pretty disappointing...

ㄴ Tarzan was always strong against Clid.

ㄴ Tarzan carrying the game with Smite.


???: You guys, it happens…

Show him some mercy!!


???: Buy me Tarzan kkOma… Just let him play only around the mid lane.


How’d this happen all of a sudden?

ㄴ I wonder how loud the roar was in the stadium.

ㄴ HeKhanrim doing everything!


This game is so fun!

ㄴ Okay. Chovy has every right to flame his teammates.


A person I remember when watching Teddy perform.


Yo, Prey...



Game 2


Galio + Jarvan… SKT has it all!

ㄴ Chovy’s Lissandra is like a self-nerf…


Oh my… Griffin what are you guys doing!?

ㄴ This is the importance of experience.

ㄴ To think of it… I’m not that sure whether there would be a riot or not if SKT wins 3:0.

ㄴ They’re going to put the stadium on fire because of all the happiness.


kkOma’s reactions...  I love this guy.


Look at that bottom lane difference... Didn't expect this in the Finals.

ㄴ Teddy, what have you been hiding in Jin Air...


Griffin players seem pressured for sure.

ㄴ They definitely seem pressured from that 1st game loss.

ㄴ What the hell are you doing Chovy!

ㄴ Faker is so good in important matches.



ㄴ Wow, Khan going 1vs 2, 3 …

ㄴ He’s been laning 1 vs 2 for quite a while… He’s so good!

ㄴ This game is already pretty one-sided.


Griffin is like an “unlucky” version of the former Koo Tigers.

ㄴ Seems like the SKT vs Kingzone match was the “real” LCK Finals.

???: We should have been here...

ㄴ The only team that gave SKT some "pressure".

ㄴ Legends say that the real Finals ended a week ago.


Okay, let’s go 3:0… Then I can go watch the EPL.

ㄴ Yep it’s going to be a perfect Saturday night if Sonny is in the starting lineup.



???: Hmm… Faker’s Azir... You learned well from me.


So, which champion should I use next!



Game 3

I think Chovy’s going to use Lissandra.

Wait… This wasn’t what I was thinking of.


Pantheon again?

ㄴ It’s completely the same.

ㄴ What’s Garen doing??? Pantheon has been chosen twice already!


The man that has everything except a wife.


LoL is all about mentality.

ㄴ Yeah, it is. But the thing is that 90% of the users are already out of their mind.


Next stop for SKT… Winning the LPL teams.


Khan seems so happy on Riven LOL.

ㄴ Teddy and Khan… You guys may play LoL happily ever after.


Faker has won another trophy.

ㄴ When is this guy going to stop?



Post-match reactions

The player that was threatening than the entire Griffin team. 

ㄴ PawN the Corki.


Here comes our MVP!

ㄴ Started from Jin Air, and now the LCK trophy. What a run. 


Faker is crying...

ㄴ Look at this guy! His tears are for all his teammates that couldn't lift the trophy with him.

ㄴ Simply a legend... 

ㄴ It was a 3:0 but it's still a drama... Congrats to SKT. 


The start of everything.

ㄴ How did they know? 

ㄴ Match fixing???

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