The 2019 LCK Summer Promotions are on the Way... KT Performing on the 16th

Riot Games announced the official schedule for the 2019 LCK Summer Promotions. 

This Summer Promotions will kick off on the 16th with the 9th and 10th place team for the LCK, kt Rolster and Jin Air Green Wings waiting in Round 1. The LCK representative, KT will get a chance to choose either the Challengers Korea (CK) Spring Regular Split 1st place team, ES Sharks or the CK Spring Playoffs winners that is to be determined on the 11th (KST, "APK Prince versus VSG"). 

The winners from round 1 will advance to the Qualifying Round. And the losers head to the Losers' Bracket to compete where 1 team will get eliminated from this Promotions. Then starts the Qualifying Round where the winners of Round 1 will compete in a bo5. The winner either survives or get promoted to the LCK and the losers from the Qualifying Round get a second chance to compete for a spot in another round of bo5 against the winners from the Losers' Bracket. 

The 2019 LCK Summer Promotions Round 1 will be held in a bo3 and every other remaining series are a bo5. The schedule for this Promotions can be seen below. 



LCK 2019 Summer Promotion Schedule (PST)

Round 1 (Updated on April 15)

kt Rolster vs VSG - April 16, 01:00 AM 

Jin Air Green Wings vs ES Sharks - April 16, 04:00 AM


Eliminations (Losers' Bracket)

TBD vs TBD (losers from Round 1) - April 19, 01:00 AM


Qualifying Round 

TBD vs TBD (winners from Round 1) - April 18, 01:00 AM

TBD vs TBD (losers from Qualifying Round vs winners from Losers' Bracket) - April 20, 01:00

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