[LCK Postseason] Kingzone DragonX Sweeps DAMWON Gaming - Proceeds to Semifinals against SK Telecom T1

Kingzone DragonX swept DAMWON Gaming to proceed to the semifinals against SK Telecom T1.

On the 5th (KST), Kingzone DragonX matched up with DAMWON Gaming in Round 1 of the 2019 LCK Spring Split Playoffs. It was the first Bo5 match of the postseason in which the winner would proceed to the next round against SK Telecom T1. DAMWON came off strong in the Wild-Card match against SANDBOX Gaming, but it wasn’t enough to defeat Kingzone.

DAMWON had a small advantage from the favorable matchup in top lane. They took the infernal drake with their small lead. However, after Kingzone collapsed on Jayce near the bottom lane twice, Kingzone turned the game over and never let go of the lead. The game was concluded near the 28-minute mark after Kingzone drew an Ace from DAMWON.

Deft and TusiN pulled out Morgana - Pyke bot lane in Game 2. In this game, Nuguri again picked Jayce in top lane. He was still stacking up on his lead when Kingzone blew up the game. DAMWON’s champions didn’t stand a chance against Kingzone’s champions; Kingzone took the game in 27 minutes.

DAMWON aimed for the late game by picking Vladimir, Kindred, and Kai’Sa accompanied by Alistar and Zilean. However, before DAMWON’s champions were able to scale, Kingzone gathered up too many benefits for DAMWON to stand a chance. Kingzone marched to destroy DAMWON's Nexus for the third time to secure their victory.

As a result, Kingzone swept DAMWON 3-0 to faceoff SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals.

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