Griffin Chovy Finishes 1st Place in the LCK Spring MVP Race

One of the main reason why Griffin remained undefeated for quite a long time in this Spring was due to their mid laner, Chovy displaying exceptional all-around performance. And finally, his devotion to his team seems to have paid off. 

Despite his remarkable performance throughout this split, he still had to compete with Kingzone DragonX bottom laner, Deft; both players were tied on 1200 MVP points as of March 30th (KST). On the 31st of March, Griffin defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2:0 and finished their run for this 2019 LCK Spring. During this series, Chovy received the MVP award for the second game and confirmed his 1st place spot in the MVP race.

Meanwhile, with Deft on a close second place, SKT's jungler, Clid finished on third. Gen.G Esports' bottom laner, Ruler and SANDBOX Gaming's top laner, Summit is tied on fourth place.

▲ LCK live stream screen capture

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