KT Bdd: "Because of a possible relegation match, I really wanted to focus on my survival today and that's why I think I went with 3 items that had the same Passive."

On the 23rd of March (KST), kt Rolster defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2:0 in the 2019 LCK Spring Split and now has a hope of escaping from the Promotion / Relegation Match. Although Jin Air had the early-game advantage especially in their bottom lane, they seemed to lack execution. Eventually, kt Rolster managed to successfully turn the tables using their macro game and secured a 2:0 victory. After the match, kt Rolster's mid laner, Bdd was interviewed.

You've cut your 4-game losing streak. How does it feel to secure a very precious victory today? 

It was a match that we had to win. I did feel a bit nervous since the games were quite tough for us. It's a relief that we've won.


For both games, your team gave away the early-game advantage. On what point did you believe that your team could win those games?

During game 2, I didn't really think that we'd lose since Score and I just had to get the side lane advantage for us. Also, when we were on quite a tough situation, our team still managed to go 50:50 in a mid teamfight; that's when I thought that we'd win that game. 


Can you explain more about that mid teamfight? 

Teams that are low in the standings tend to gather up near mid lane and that's what we exactly did. When Jin Air closed upon us, I thought we made a mistake... However, Kingen's ultimate was pin-point. After that, Score told us that we can kill the opponents if Gragas ultimate lands well and that actually happened. 


During game 2, you built 3 items that have the same Unique Passive. What happened? 

Yeah, I do know that I shouldn't buy items that have the same Unique Passive. However, since I had to talk a lot inside the match, I made a mistake. Also, because of a possible relegation match, I really wanted to focus on my survival today and that's why I think I went with those items.


Did you expect Zed being picked by the opponent? 

Jin Air's mid laners are both excellent Zed users. That's why I thought he might be picked. We banned Zed in game 1, but we didn't in game 2 so it was pretty much expected. 


Jin Air's bottom duo performed very aggressively today. Did you expect them to be that good? 

Recently, I watched live streams of other players and saw Jin Air's bottom duo performing very well aggressively. I was concerned about it and they actually displayed that performance on stage. That's why I was a bit concerned while playing the game today. 


With tonight's victory, your team has a good chance of avoiding the Promotion/Relegation Match. 

We're thinking positively since Afreeca and Gen.G have some tough opponents in their future schedule. Afreeca especially will face some really tough teams so I do think that we can avoid the relegation match. 


In what way do you think your team has a shot of avoiding the relegation match?

Afreeca will face playoff teams whereas we're facing a bit easier opponents. Also, we always had a shot of winning even when we lost; it was close. That's why I think we have a good shot and if each of us can do their roles well, we are capable of winning our remaining matches. 

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