RNG Uzi on Neeko: "She’s pretty invincible for this patch, especially during the laning phase. However, she’s not as handy in the late game."

On the 20th March, RNG defeated JD Gaming 2:1 in the 2019 LPL Spring. 

A win was crucial for RNG and JDG  with both teams yet having secured a seat in the playoffs. The two shared a win each, and in the last set, they displayed possibly one of the best performances so far in this 2019 LPL Spring. One of the highlights was Uzi and Xiaohu winning a 2 vs 5 near the Baron pit - this fight will for sure to be played in numerous teamfight montages. Although RNG seemed to gain back the advantage after that insane play from Uzi-Xiaohu, JDG also proved their prowess by still managing to win teamfights in the late game. However, while JDG went for a rather questionable Baron try, two RNG players attempted to push through JDG's Nexus turrets and this highly competitive matchup ended from a backdoor.


After the match, the RNG crew joined the press room for a post-match interview. 


Q: Your performance was very eye-catching today. Whose call was it to backdoor in game 3?

AJ: It was already a do or die situation for JDG. As for the game-ending call, Id say it was from all of us; it was a group effort.


Q: RNG will be going up against IG next. Are you confident that you’ll be able to win against TheShy?

AJ: Definitely. If you don't have the confidence you're simply a dead fish.


Q: During the first game, Rek’Sai ganked bot lane at level 2. You channeled your TP without any hesitation and fought against them with your teammates and secured first blood. 

AJ: It was actually an instant reaction. Our bot laners were actually screaming at me to TP so I instantly TPed to bot to help them.


Q: What do you think of Zac as a jungler in this patch and when would it be suitable to play this champion?

DanDy: Zac is playable when the opponent is an AD mid, especially when the AD mid is a champion that doesnt have high mobility skills. Without being said, Karsas understanding of Zac is at a very high level so we can basically play him in any kind of situation. 


Q: You played Kai’Sa for both games in game 2 and 3. You went for Stormrazor for game 2 but Infinity Edge for game 3. Was this decision made based on your team comp?

Uzi: It depends on the comp and it's also related to the current patch were playing on. The patches we normally play on will always be different from the official match patch,  so at times, I would forget and end up feeling weird once I completed an item and evolved an ability during the game. The Stormrazor is slightly buffed in the patch I usually play on, but I realized my skill couldn't be evolved after I built it... So that’s a mistake I need to be aware of.


Q: What did you talk with Uzi during that 2v5 teamfight after Lee Sin stole Baron?

Xiaohu: We werent actually thinking of fighting at that time but our opponents saw that it was only the two of us so they just engaged in. Having the Baron buff gave us a slight advantage so we were confident that wed be able to fight back.


Q: You’ve played both tank and carry champs during the 3 game series today. What kind of champion do you prefer to play?

AJ: Most people will probably think that I perform better on tank champions, but I personally prefer playing carry champions.


Q: What do you think went wrong during game 2?

Kezman: We had some problems with our pick/bans. Also, our team had a communication issue.


Q: As far as I know, today was your first time playing Neeko on stage… And you displayed exceptional performance on her. What are your overall thoughts on her used in the bottom lane? Do you think she’s a viable pick in the current meta?

Uzi: Shes pretty invincible for this patch, especially during the laning phase. However, shes not as handy in the late game.


Q: LvMao mentioned that you are currently one of the best support players in this scene. What do you think of him as a support?

Ming: I think hes pretty good as well. I used to watch his videos and learned a lot of things from him too.


Q: You’ve played really well this Spring split. You’ve even received 3 MVPs in a row. What do you have to say knowing that you’re the one with the most MVPs in the team? Also, how was like facing Flawless in the jungle?

Karsa: I think I performed well for this split and I managed to be consistent. Me receiving MVPs feels good too. I also think that Flawless performance overall wasn't bad; he actually played pretty well. 


Q: Your performance has been mind-blowing lately! What do you think of your progress so far? Are you more aggressive now since the playoffs are just around the corner? 

Karsa: My performance recently doesn't carry any special meaning since all I did was perform like used to. It's also not relevant to the playoffs as well. 

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