GEN Ruler: "The champions that are weak in lane like Vayne need good pilots."

On the 14th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 34, Gen.G Esports defeated Griffin 2-0. This is the first time that Griffin was defeated in this spring split. Gen.G was the last team that defeated Griffin in an official match, which was back in the regional qualifiers for Worlds last year. Gen.G picked Neeko and Vayne in both matches and succeeded to destroy Griffin’s Nexus twice.

The following is an interview with today’s MVPs: Ruler and Peanut.

▲ Image source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

You stopped Griffin’s winning streak. It was a perfect 2-0 win. How do you feel?

: I’m so happy that we took down the team that’s in 1st place and I’m even happier that we had a clean victory.

(To Peanut) It’s your first MVP title today.

Peanut: I was wondering how it would be like to stand here. (Laughs)

How do you feel defeating Griffin?

: Since we’re the 9th placed team, we didn’t think that we would actually beat Griffin. Still, we thought there was a possibility and tried to be confident and we actually won. (I bet your heart is still pounding.) Of course. (Laughs)

Who was the main shotcaller for today?

Ruler: We all said that let’s do one thing at a time and everyone was involved in the shotcalls.

The picks and bans were almost the same in the two games. Were they something you prepared for today’s match?

: Not really; we each picked the champions we’re good at.

The fans were thrilled when Ruler picked Vayne. How is Vayne?

Ruler: The champions that are weak in lane like Vayne need good pilots. I’m not saying that I was extremely good today, but I think that the player needs to be good to play those champions.

What are Gen.G's thoughts on Neeko? You picked her twice in today’s game.

Peanut: Since CuVee likes Neeko and he’s actually good at her, and we won in Game 1 using her so we thought we shouldn’t change a pick that we won with.

Who made the call for the first Baron fight in Game 1?

Ruler: We all thought we would win no matter what if we all hit Baron and fight right away. Nocturne came in earlier than expected so we killed him first and moved on to the others.

Ruler got another Quadra kill today.

Ruler: I was worried a bit about the fight because Lissandra was cut off, but everything went well.

In Game 2, Zac was really good. How did you plan the pathing in the jungle against a difficult matchup against Xin Zhao?

Peanut: We had a little fake in the beginning so I was able to start off well.

How is the synergy between Neeko and Zac?

Peanut: The two champions are good at chaining CCs. Not much to say synergy-wise; I think CuVee was able to look after me a lot so that’s what was good.

Today, you had only Cloud and Ocean drakes.

Peanut: The coaching staff said that I’m even unlucky with the scuttle crabs. (Laughs) We’re a bit lucky with the dragons in scrims, but oddly, we’re unlucky in competitions.

In one of the last teamfights in Game 2, you were marking Zoe like a shadow. How were the calls?

Peanut: Since we cut off Xin Zhao rather cleanly, I targeted Zoe next. The others told me to stop following Zoe and help out, but I didn’t listen and followed her. (Laughs) It turned out well.

Was it Ruler that said stop following Zoe?

Ruler: Yes. (Laughs) It all turned out well though.


After bringing down the sole undefeated team, you would be looking forward to the next game.

Ruler: I think our next match would be fun. Since we beat the 1st placed team, I think we would be able to win in the next match if we do our best preparing.

Peanut: There were a few chances that I could have gotten MVP, but Ruler took it all. (Laughs) If I do better, I’ll be able to get more, so I’ll do my best.

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