KT Bdd: "I’ve always been confident about playing Yasuo."

On the 8th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 31 match between kt Rolster and Gen.G Esports, KT defeated Gen.G 2-1. By utilizing the Yasuo-Gragas comp, KT gained their third win of the season and took one step further from the relegation match.

The following is an interview with Bdd and Score.


It’s been a while since you’ve won. How do you feel getting out of the losing streak?

Bdd: We had very important matches consecutively so I was really pressured and stressed. I lived like a zombie, but by winning today, I think I got new refreshing energy again. I think we were able to win because of all the support we got from the fans.

: It’s been really long since I played last so I think I made many mistakes in Game 1. Still, I’m very happy today because we were able to end the losing streak.

The Yasuo-Gragas comp shined in Games 2 and 3. Was it prepared?

: I’ve always been confident about playing Yasuo. We picked those two thinking ‘how would it be if the best Yasuo and the best Gragas comes together?’ (Laughs) Personally, I think Score carried me today.

: We didn’t practice the comp intensively. I don’t know about Bdd’s Yasuo, but my Gragas is perfect; I picked him with confidence.

The macro in games 2 and 3 was good. Your performance compared to 2 weeks ago is so much different.

: We were passive in Game 1 so we lost. During the feedback time, we were told to play more confidently. I think that’s why we improved in the following games.

You still have long to go and your next match against Afreeca would be really important.

: Today’s match against Gen.G was important too, but all the remaining matches are important to us. We’ll do our best so that we can win against Afreeca as well.

: One of the reasons I was stressed about today’s game was that our next match is against Afreeca and that’s more important. Since we won today, I think we’ll be able to face Afreeca with an easier mind.

Fans cheered for you so much. Any words to the fans?

Bdd: I’d like to thank the fans who always cheered for us. Our upcoming schedule is really hard and important. We’ll do our best to win. Please cheer for us.

: I’m so thankful that the fans congratulated me for my 7th year anniversary even when I wasn’t playing. I’d like to continue to deliver good performance. Thank you so much for always cheering for us.

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