RNG Uzi: "Griffin is an extremely strong team. I don’t think they’ve met a team that’s stronger than themselves yet."

On the 6th of March (CST), RNG defeated FPX 2:1 in the 2019 LPL Spring. 

It was a matchup against 2 teams that have been performing outstanding lately.  Although FPX is undefeated this Spring, it was still highly difficult to anticipate which team would be on top. To sum up, the series went down to which team made fewer mistakes. 

RNG did have the advantage till the mid-phase of game 1 but gave away that set by losing 2 critical teamfights. And, that loss seemed to have acted as a positive catalyst for RNG. In game 2 and 3, they were simply the team that was more precise in teamfights and skirmishes. On the other hand, FPX seemed to be struggling to deliver those unbelievable plays that they've constantly shown during this Spring. They made some minor to big mistakes during the laning and teamfight phase.

After the series, the RNG crew joined the press room for a post match interview. 


Q: You’ve been playing Ezreal a lot lately. Why did the team pick Vayne and Morgana in bot during game 1 today?

Uzi: I’ve played her in ranked recently and since the results weren’t too bad, I decided to just play her during game 1. I’m pretty comfortable with playing Ezreal but the results just weren’t that good with him.


Q: Your performance and decision making on Poppy during game 2 were really good today. How would you grade your performance? Also, the LPL will officially start with the new 9.4 patch on the 8th of March and are there any champions that you’ve specifically wanted to play but couldn’t on the new patch? What would you like to say to your fans?

AmazingJ: Among the 3 games we played today, I only think I performed well during the second game. Game 1 and 3 were alright. Champion I’d wanted to play but couldn’t is Jax. As for the fans, thank you for the constant support all this while.


Q: FPX has never been beaten until now. They’ve even won iG in their previous match. Was facing them any different today? Did you ever have a moment where you really wanted to end their losing streak?

Ming: when I looked at their winning streak, I wanted to beat them badly. I really wanted to try my best when playing against them.


Q: Do you think today’s win against FPX will change anything in terms of your preparations for the next half of the split?

Coach GreenTea: The win today basically made us more confident.


Q: Dionb played Sion against you during the third game. What are your thoughts on this champion?

Xiaohu: I’ve actually thought I'd face his Sion during today’s match. Mid Sion is pretty good since he could basically be played against a mage with Teleport and his ultimate would be helpful for top and bot lane as well.


Q: LPL will be playing on patch 9.4 very soon. Will this patch have any impact on the current meta of the league? Can you tell us what would change in terms of your picks and bans based on your knowledge on the new 9.4 patch?

Coach Dandy: We’ll be seeing a lot of champions that have not been played in bot lane before in the upcoming patch, so I personally feel that this will benefit us a lot.


Q: Majority of the picks and bans were focused on mid and jungle for this patch. However,  there’s going to be quite a big change in the upcoming 9.4 patch for bot lane. SMLZ also mentioned that 9.4 is the patch where he will shine. What do you think?

Ming: I think the new patch is alright. If they say bottom laners will get some positive recognition, this also means that it will be Uzi‘s time to shine.


Q: Since RNG has successfully ended FPX’s winning streak, Griffin is the only team in the big 5 regions that are still undefeated at this point. What do you think of their performance so far?

Uzi: Griffin is an extremely strong team. I don’t think they’ve met a team that’s stronger than themselves yet.


Q: It was expected that today’s match would have more focus around mid and jungle. What do you think of your synergy with Xiaohu today?

Karsa: I feel that we’ve been able to achieve what we want, so I'd say our mid and jungle synergy was actually pretty good.


Q: During a previous interview you mentioned that you and Xiaohu together would be able to suppress Doinb's performance. Do you think you’ve managed to succeed today?

Karsa: I would give 8-9 out of 10 for our performance in laning phase, but we weren't able to make good use of all the opportunities given during the mid game. That's why I'm not that satisfied with our mid game for today. 


Q: Your Poppy performance was excellent, especially when you managed to make a few really good game-changing plays with your ultimate today! What do you think of your performance and what was it like laning against GimGoon?

AmazingJ: I was very pleased with my performance in game 2, but not so much for game 1 and 3 because the champions I played were countered by his. He is very strong in laning phase and he constantly tried to deal damage whenever he had the chance. 


Q: What do you think of the upcoming critical damage items that will be buffed massively in the upcoming 9.4 patch?

Uzi: I’ve actually played ranked with patch 9.4 and I feel that bottom laners still can’t escape death once they’ve been hit by a single skill. Marksman champs are yet pretty squishy, so we’d still rely on our teammates for protection during 9.4.

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