DWG Coach Kim on Flame: "We were looking for a top laner who is capable of being the main shotcaller... I expect him to become the core of the team."

On the 24th (KST), DAMWON Gaming defeated SK Telecom T1 2-1 in a close match and extended their winning streak to 4. One of the main interests in the match was the return of Lee “Flame” Ho-jong.

Flame returned to the LCK in 35 months and appeared when the team was down 0-1. He played Urgot in both games he played and contributed massively to the team’s victory.

Coach Kim Jeong-soo, who is known for improving the teams’ performance wherever he goes, spoke up about Flame. “I was sorry to Flame since we didn’t have that many things prepared today. We still were able to win, so I’m very thankful to Flame for doing so well.”

On what the team was looking for, coach Kim said, “We had an issue where after the 20-minute mark, the main shotcalls and side calls weren’t very clear. So we were looking for a top laner who can bring the team together and is capable of being the main shotcaller, even if his mechanics weren’t at the top.” and added that he has high hopes for Flame. “After searching and discussing with head coach Micro for a long time, we brought a passionate player. I expect him to become the core of the team as a veteran and the oldest player.”

Round 2 of the LCK spring split has just started; it’s an important period of time for DAMWON Gaming. The good performance of Flame who joined recently is like a light in the dark for the team. As of today’s win, they’re at 4th place with a 6-4 (+5) record.

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