EDG Clearlove on his Return: "It was my first game this year. My performance was neither good or bad... My teammates basically carried me."

On the 22nd of February, EDG defeated Suning 2:0 in the 2019 LPL Spring.

Today was a series between the traditional LPL powerhouse, EDG and one of the up-and-coming team in the Chinese LoL scene, Suning. Although Suning was expected to lead the series, EDG actually had the advantage throughout this matchup.

With their veteran star jungler, Clearlove finally returning to the starting lineup after almost 5 months since he was defeated against kt Rolster in the 2018 Worlds Groups, EDG seemed indeed in better shape compared to their previous games during this Spring. And once again, the presence of Scout was a big help for today’s victory. He went with a bruiser pick, Urgot in game 1 and scaled early getting numerous kills in the early game. This Korean League player managed to draw out his specialties in game 2. This time he picked an AP mage, Zoe and carried EDG to victory. After the match, the EDG crew was interviewed.

The following is the translation of the post-match interview with EDG. 


Q: (To clearlove) Congratulations on your return and leading EDG out of their losing streak. What made you decide to return for this match against SN? Was it your own will or the coach's decision?

clearlove: Actually, I have participated in the training after the Spring Festival, but because of a high fever and a bad cold, I didn’t play in the last game against RNG. After getting treated in the hospital, I immediately started taking part in the training again. 


Q: (To Heart) After two continuous defeats, what adjustments has EDG made? It wasn’t easy for EDG to finish victorious in the previous games so what would be some preparation for the team in the second half of the split?

Heart: They didn’t play well before and forgot many things. I saw the game today and felt that they were able to find their usual shapes back again so I hope they can continue like this and keep progressing in the future.


Q: (To Heart) The 2019 LPL Spring is almost halfway through. Looking back on your first split with EDG, what moment do you remember the most? Also, did you have any personal difficulties?

Heart: The most memorable thing throughout the split would definitely be the happy and excited smiles of the team members after we won the first game against SDG. At that moment, I wished they could keep smiling like that.


Q: (To Scout) In game 1 you went with a tank pick, Urgot in mid lane. Then, in game 2, you went with an AP mage, Zoe. Personally, Which pick do you prefer in mid? An aggressive front line bruiser or those traditional AP mages? And, which kind do you think fits better in the current meta?

Scout: I don’t really have a preference. I’m just happy as long as I’m able to perform with any champion in general.


Q: (To Scout) And what sort of champions do you think is suitable for the current patch?

Scout: I don’t think there’s any particular champion that too overpowered at the moment, it usually just depends on the team composition.


Q: (To clearlove) Who was the shot caller for today’s game? Meiko or you?

clearlove: The whole team was in it together. We voiced out our opinions and made decisions based on what we knew. Scout communicates with us and would shares his thoughts too, which is good.


Q: (To clearlove) What made you decide to return to the stage now? Does your current state meet your expectation?

clearlove: I think I performed alright. It was my first game this year. My performance was neither good or bad in the game and my teammates basically carried me to win the game. I think I will perform better and better in the following games.


Q: (To Heart) What change do you think clearlove can bring to the team?

Heart: He makes the team win easily.


Q: (To iBoy) How do you define your relationship with Meiko?

iBoy: You guys can take a guess on that one cause I won’t tell you anything about it.


Q : (To clearlove) Do you have anything to say to your fans now that you’ve returned?

clearlove: They have been worried about me for a long time. Now that I’ve returned, I will keep playing on stage. Just like what my coach said, our goal is to work hard and continue putting in effort to win our upcoming games.


Q: (To Scout) You were crowned MVP for your Zoe in Game 2. Who do you think helped you the most?

Scout: My opponents.


Q: (To Heart) The news that clearlove would be on stage was released before the match started. What made you decide to arrange him into the starting lineup in today’s game against SN?

Heart: After practicing after he returned the team. I felt that our team really needed him.


Q: (To Heart) Why did the team pick Galio for Meiko in both Game 1 and Game 2?

Heart: I watched many recent games and found that the champion had a high win rate. And Meiko plays the champion well.


Q: (To Meiko) Who does the shotcalling now that Clearlove’s returned? What was the thought process behind the two baron kills?

Meiko: Since clearlove is more experienced than Haro, he can offer better suggestions during the games. We made such kind of decisions and hid near the Baron because we thought our composition had an advantage in that position.

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