[Video Interview] Twitch partner, Yougelly, gives an interview on how to grow, biggest hurdles, and the perfect mindset for Twitch success.


While many people wish to become successful streamers, few actually do! There are so many hurdles to jump and mountains to climb that nobody considers until they actually start streaming. It looks easy right? Isn’t it just playing some video games with a camera turned on?


If it were that easy, we’d all be famous! Luckily, Sally, AKA “yougelly” has some fun insight on what it’s like trying to stream full time and how to help yourself out in the start. She shares about herself and her own experience, but always relates it to something others can take away. She notes specifically that mentality is key, and consistency even more so. She also has a management company who is able to connect her to various resources and networks to continue her growth.

If you are interested in starting your very own stream, or if you just want to hear more of what it’s like for others, check out what yougelly has to say!

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