GRF Tarzan: "Although we might need some luck... I think it’s not impossible [to get to Worlds undefeated]."

On the 31st (KST), Griffin defeated SKT and secured themselves another win for this 2019 LCK Spring Split.

This matchup was one of the most anticipated series for this split. However, Griffin was yet unbeatable. In both sets, they were always at least a step ahead of SKT. The players were ahead in every lane, exceptional in teamfights like always, and this time, managed to display solid macro throughout the series. After the match, we met up with Griffin’s jungler, Tarzan to hear his thoughts on today’s win.

The following is the interview with Tarzan.

It was a clean 2:0 win. What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

Tarzan: It was a one-sided win than expected. I’m happy that we've won.


What were your expectations for this series?

I thought it would be a bloody, highly competitive series. We did face quite a tough teamfight in game 1. However, we managed to pull it off and that’s how we were able to win.


A lot of people focused on this matchup against SKT. What did the players think about this series?

We didn’t really think a lot about it. We just thought of performing well. Our head coach didn’t give out any particular feedback as well. We simply focused on our plays.


What was the reason for your clean victory today?

Our laners did well in general. We didn’t have show flaws in the laning phase; they all did well.


How would you rate your performance?

I think I performed fairly well; I didn’t die.


Despite the fact you performed well, do you remember any frustrating moments today? As a matter of fact, I did see your head coach heated up, sharing feedback with the players in the bathroom.

Um… I would choose the moment when I couldn’t steal the Baron. The opponent was focusing on the Baron so even if we do give it away, we were able to lead it to a teamfight. I thought it was okay to give it away. It would’ve been even better if we stole it.

Well, my head coach is someone like that; if he thinks we need feedback, he does not hesitate. He’s such a passionate person.


You are undefeated! Do you have any goals as a team?

My goal is to make it to international tournaments.


In our last interview with Chovy, he said that it’s not impossible to get to the Worlds undefeated. What are your thoughts on this?

Although we might need some luck... I think it’s not impossible.

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Then, do you have any personal goals for this year?

My goal is to play well for every game. Still, I do know that performing well for every game does require luck. I just want to become a jungler that can contribute to our team.


Your next opponent is SANDBOX; both teams are undefeated and displays an aggressive playstyle. The two teams might have something in common… What are your expectations for that matchup?

I’ve never thought our previous games were easy. I will try my best to prepare well for my next and future matches. I believe that as long as we perform well, we’ll be able to display solid performance.


What will you do during the LCK break?

I’m going to get some rest and play LoL again.


Any last words?

We have one last series before the LCK break. I want to finish that match well and come back with better performance after the break.

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