Griffin Chovy on His Goal: "Winning all matches. I’d like to get perfect wins, including Worlds. I think it’s not impossible."

On January 19th, the 4th day of the 1st week for the LCK 2019 Spring Season took place at the LoL Park, South Korea. The 2nd match was between Griffin and Jin Air Green Wings, in which Griffin crushed Jin Air Green Wings. Chovy, the mid laner for Griffin, played a part in carrying the game with the rest of his teammates. In the first game, he picked Sion, and in the second game, Galion, on both of which he did great.


Following is the interview with Griffin’s mid laner, Chovy.

How do you feel about your victory today?

I feel great that we had a perfect win today. I didn’t do much in the mid lane but I feel relieved that we won.

Why do you think you didn’t do much?

There wasn’t much I did but only farm on creeps and my teammates did just great in everything.

Your drafts in the first game weren’t ordinary. What did you talk about during the picks & bans? Did your team expect to win easily with your picks?

There wasn’t anything special we talked about. My teammates have wide champion pools so we can play a variety of champions. We do try to keep ourselves from thinking that we will win by overwhelming our enemies. We think that we should win because we were able to display great performance, and today’s performance came out better than we thought.

Griffin is known for your deep friendship between the team members. What is the team atmosphere like?

Definitely fun. We like to play jokes on each other and Lehends play the role of taking our pranks. Everyone likes to fool around a lot and Lehends is cool with it.

What is the feedback within Griffin mainly focused on?

Actually, I don’t know what kind of feedback we will get. In order to get a feedback, we need to make a mistake but we haven’t gotten any feedback for a long time that I almost forgot.

Your team’s spirit is almost perfect but there must be a part you think Griffin should improve on. What is that?

I’d like to improve my laning ability after all. I don’t really fall behind other players but my goal is to play more ferociously to get to a point where my opponent laner would fear playing against me.

The rookies in SANDBOX Gaming and DAMWON Gaming are doing great just like Griffin did last year. What is your thought on these teams?

I think they were able to come this far because they got the skills to do so. I am not intimidated by them. I don’t know for my teammates, though.

Is there any team you are keeping your eye on?

SKT T1. All of their players are great players. When I say they are great players, they are great even from the laning phase, and doing great during the laning phase lets them do many things. SKT has a good win rate, which seems to show that they do have the skills.

You must have been sorry that you didn’t make it to Worlds last year. What is Griffin’s goal this year?

Winning all matches. I’d like to get perfect wins, including Worlds. I think it’s not impossible.

Lastly, any message for your fans who are watching you from all over the world?

I’d like to thank our fans who are supporting Griffin, and we will try to pay back their supports with victories.

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