FunPlus Doinb on Going Against Maple: "Because I chose Urgot in the third game who has no counterpicks, I didn't have any special feelings."

On the 30th of January (CST), FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) went against Suning (SN) in the 2019 LPL Spring.

This matchup was a clash between two undefeated teams for this Spring. The players displayed such a competitive game for everyone who was looking forward to this series. It was indeed a match full of the LPL style skirmishes and teamfights; both teams did not hesitate to fight.

With both teams sharing a win each, the series headed to game 3. This time, FPX gained the early game advantage by focusing their resources on their top lane. The CS difference between their Renekton and opponent Gangplank was already up to 50 near the 9-minute mark.

Using their upper lane advantage, FPX secured the Rift Herald and started to snowball to the mid-game. They also stole the Infernal Drake near the 14-minute mark. They soon went for the Baron and as the opponents drew near, they instantly switched the hunt into a teamfight. However, after this teamfight victory, SN managed to defend and counter FPX’s initiators during teamfights multiple times which earned some time for their Gangplank to hit his power spike.

Eventually, SN came from behind and gained back the advantage. Still, FPX secured the Elder and did suppress SN’s late-game carries. But, It was not enough; SN kept on successfully defending FPX’s jabs. FPX threw their final blow near SN’s Blue buff and it came out to be a huge success. And, that was the end of this long game.

After the match, the FunPlus Phoenix crew were interviewed.

Q:(To the Coach) Today’s series was full of ups and downs. What does defeating Suning mean to you?

Winning in the regular season makes us happy, but it doesn't make us super happy.


Q: (To the Coach) Why did you choose that draft in the second game?

Since we’re a very proactive team and the draft for the first game was quite passive, we decided to choose a more aggressive draft which could go well with our team's style more.


Q: (To LWX) In the second game, you played really well on Kai’Sa. Can you rate your performance? Didn't you regret not getting the pentakill?

I think my performance was ok. I don’t really care about the pentakill; my team's victory is more important.


Q: (To Doinb) Knowing that Maple and H4cker were not in the starting lineup, did it make you feel more relaxed?

I don’t think there were any big differences.


Q: (To Doinb) Were there anything that was out of your expectations? How did it feel to play against Maple in the third game?

Because I chose Urgot in the third game who has no counterpicks, I didn't have any special feelings (playing against Maple).


Q: (To Doinb) Today, you played against your old teammate SMLZ. How did it feel? Did you two talk to each other before the series?

I just felt he was too strong. We did talk before the series, but it was nothing about games. I promised him before that I will give him a cat for a present, so I told him today I will give the cat to him after Chinese New Year.


Q: (To Doinb) You’re a super hard-working player and you always have long practice hours. However, you still stream a lot. How do you balance your streaming hours and life as a pro?

I simply stream my solo queue ranked matches, and I scrim every day too.


Q: (To Doinb) Then how can you be so energetic while practicing so hard?

I’m getting old. If I'm not practicing hard, I will be eliminated from this scene.


Q: (To Doinb) You and your team are on a great start for this spring! Now with the Chinese New Year just around the corner, will you be practicing with your team during the LPL break?

We won’t practice during the break.


Q: (To Doinb) What kind of improvements do you want to make with your team?

I Just want to keep maintaining this momentum and be on good shape


Q: (To Gimgoon) During the 2018 LPL summer season, you and your team finished 4th in the West Region and made it to playoffs. Although it’s still the beginning of the split, you’ve been performing very well this spring. Do you have any personal goals for the 2019 LPL spring season?

Finishing at least in the top 4  is my goal. Moreover, I hope we can play better and win the championship. 

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