GRF Head Coach cvMax: "Our strength comes from the synergy that the coaches have with the players. We share the same thought and never run into conflicts.

On the 25th of January, at the LoL Park, the 8th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. The second series of the day featured Griffin and DAMWON Gaming, in which Griffin came out victorious with a score of 2-0. With this victory, Griffin is now on a 4-match winning streak and had placed themselves 1st in the LCK Spring leaderboard.

The following is an interview with Griffin's head coach, cvMax.

How do you feel about your victory against DWG?

It was a bit rough, but I’m happy nonetheless for the victory.

After watching the games today, what kind of feedback are you planning to give your players?

Feedback regarding our top laner.

As Viktor, Sword ran into multiple situations where he needed to ‘shadowbox’ more[pretend that an enemy is always nearby]. On the other hand, the enemy top laner, Jayce, directly impacted the game in a very large way.

Overall, our top laner lacked detail in his plays.

Griffin is currently seen as the best Korean team by the foreign community. Why is Griffin so strong at the moment? Is it due to the meta?

Our strength comes from the synergy that the coaches have with the players. We share the same thought and never run into conflicts.

Last Summer, you were very disappointed when Griffin failed to remain undefeated in the LCK. Looking at Griffin right now, do you think your team can remain undefeated this Spring?

League of Legends is a game that is filled with unpredictable variables, so it’ll be difficult. But staying undefeated is something that we’re definitely trying to achieve. It things go well, it's a strong possibility. 

In your opinion, who was today’s MVP?

Tarzan. For both games 1 and 2. He did extremely well.

Tarzan had built Redemption on Olaf in both games. Whose idea was it?

It was Tarzan’s idea. While playing solo queue, he decided it was good for competitive.

As a champion, Olaf doesn’t benefit too much from items. Whether you build AD or ARMOR/MR, Olaf’s combat efficiency remains about the same. If Olaf rushes Redemption, he’ll have the item for when the 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 skirmishes start happening in a game.

With Redemption, Olaf is unbelievably strong in those early skirmishes.

Many Korean fans have high expectations of Griffin. They want Griffin to avenge Korea in the next international tournament. Does this pressure you at all?

Rather than pressure, I feel excitement.

Any last words for your fans?

Many fans support us… I feel that we’re receiving a lot of love from them, but we aren’t able to properly pay them back.

I’m very thankful for them. We’ll make sure to continue to perform well and meet your expectations.

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