[All-Stars] Peanut Reveals the Possibility of a Future Cosplay with Broxah, being Underage in Las Vegas, and More

The place where all your most asked questions are answered by pros! Today's special guest is a player who participated in the 2018 All-Stars event, Gen.G Peanut.

Despite being voted 3rd place for All-Stars, Peanut was provided a three day long trip to Las Vegas thanks to Riot Games! A new and refreshing side of this year's All-Stars brought a smile to not only the players participating but also the fans who went to watch. Going to the subject of the 1v1 tournament, a sigh of relief and regret was seen from Peanut. A story that no one would have known if it wasn't for Peanut! Let's check out the interview now!

This must be your first time in Las Vegas. How is everything?

To be honest, coming to the US, I am still not an adult here. Since I was born in 1998, there is nothing, legally, that I can do here before my birthday passes in 3 months. All I have been doing is sitting in my room and watching Twitch streams.

The 1v1 match against Evi was a very unfortunate defeat. How did the match feel for you?

Ah...for runes, I chose 'Fleet Footwork'. If I took the 'Conqueror' rune,  I think I might have had a better chance of winning...I was looking at what he was picking to make sure I knew what to ban in the next game. If I were to win against Evi, my next match was to be against Uzi. I was thinking "What should I pick/ban against Uzi?"...I guess I overestimated myself? Although I am not sure if 'overestimate' is the right term, I think it is nevertheless. I believe this is why I got such unfortunate results.

Was it your initial plan to take 'Fleet Footwork'?

I just thought "As long as this goes to the CS battle, I'll probably win right?" However, Evi decided on using the brush to his advantage. I fought him thinking I was going to win...but I lost, right? Yeap (laughs).

You played a lot of Draven in the 1v1 tournament. Do you usually play a lot of Draven or Marksman champions?

Before I came here, I practiced a bit with Ruler. Our primary goal was to focus on trading at level 1. To be honest, I don't play ADC champions. In my match against Rakin, I only played Draven because I discussed it with him prior. With Evi, I had no idea it was going to be a mirror match up. Evi told me he had a champion he wanted to play, so I said "Okay!". This is why I picked Draven.

You participated in matches other than the 1v1 tournament. How did it feel to play with other regional players?

I am most definitely not the best at speaking English. When I tried to communicate with them with my minimalistic English vocab, they actually understood what I was trying to say. Despite the language barrier, the fact that we were able to communicate was extremely fun. Since the atmosphere itself was not sincere, the whole lot was fun.

On social media, Ning posted 'PingSin(Peanut+nING+lee SIN) to pay tribute.

To be honest, up to today, (*We conducted this interview over the span of 2 days) I thought I played really well. But then I saw Broxah and Gripex play Lee sin...I never understood how they kick flash so well...Although we both practiced a lot, it was difficult to translate that on stage. Since the post of 'PingSin' was so funny, I even left a comment.

Your recent move to Gen.G has become a hot topic for discussion. Since some time has passed, have you gotten along with your teammates?

We have all gotten fairly close. We got close right away. I wish I could share more, but there haven't been any unique or big episodes yet.

Did your teammates fully support you when you went off for All-Stars?

They didn't say any special. My team just said "Good luck!". However, Fly always asks in our chat room when I am coming back to Korea.

Kespa Cup will be the first event in which Gen.G will participate with their new roster. What do you predict the new Gen.G's performance will be?

To be honest, Kespa Cup is the only period of time that players can actually rest...But, I guess I got more rest than most players as I did not go to Worlds last year. Regardless, it is a shame that we won't be able to rest during this time period. Since we don't have much time to prepare for Kespa, to lose to other teams who prepared more is...it is a bit frustrating, but I don't mind it too much. On the other hand, if we are able to win with little preparation, I can think "Oh...I guess we can beat you guys with little to no prep." It will be a good start to the new season.

Bang's Xayah cosplay received heavy attention at All-Stars. If you ever had the opportunity to, would you ever try cosplaying as well?

There were actually fans saying that it would be funny to see me and Broxah do a Willump and Nunu cosplay. I do want to try a Nidalee cosplay. However, it is not like "I MUST DO IT!" As long as All-Stars is held like this next year, I would like to think I might do a cosplay because I love All-Stars so much...

Lastly, could you say a few words to your fans?

I want to thank my fans. The only reason I was able to come to All-Stars was that my fans voted me to be 3rd most popular. Because it was so incredible and nice, I want to return again next year. I hope you guys can continue to support me. Thank you!

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