Gen.G Esports signs Top Laner Roach

▲ Source: Gen.G Esports 

Gen.G Esports now has a new Top Laner. 

On 4th December, Gen.G Esports announced that they have signed former top laner of Kong Doo Monster(KDM), Roach. Gen. G posted a tweet saying "We are pleased to introduce our new player. Please welcome the top laner Roach."  

Kang-Hee "Roach" Kim made his debut with NaJin e-mFire in 2015, but has played for KDM these last two years.  He is generally considered a weaker player in terms of lane prowess, but his weakness there is balanced out by his strength in team fights and his reliable engage. 

Gen.G Esports has successfully strengthened the team by acquiring Peanut - now the highest-paid Jungler - and by renewing the contracts with CuVee, Fly, Ruler, and Life.  While there are some notable players on the team, the fans still seem unsatisfied with Gen.G's new roster, with many anxious to see some more additions. 

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