CoreJJ, Former Support For Gen.G, Talks About Reasons For Transfer, Thoughts on TL, And Doublelift

It is not easy to leave behind those who you have many fond memories of. However, these partings must often happen for people to move on to new challenges and new paths. Such is the case with former Gen.G support, CoreJJ, who will be joining Team Liquid: A team guided by Coach Cain that placed 1st in both Spring and Summer of 2018. The news of CoreJJ’s transfer was one of the more unexpected ones amongst the chaos of a new season.

When asked about his reasons for transferring, CoreJJ brought up a story about one of the toughest games he had experienced this year. With the pain of defeat still fresh in his heart, CoreJJ explained that the failure reach redemption dictated his decision.

CoreJJ is now set on a new course and we had the chance to hear about what led him to it.

¤ In the official interview you had with Team Liquid, you said: “I am going to North America because I want to have a new experience.” Could you further elaborate on this?

This year, I was not satisfied with my performance at Worlds and the Asian Games. I got the feeling that my skill progression had become stagnant. In order to force that next step in improvement, I decided to take a new path.

Gen.G is a team that has won the World Championships before. It must have been even harder to leave a team with whom you had previously found immense success.

It really was a tough decision. Although the team’s performance this year was not superb, Gen.G was in no way done. Because I have been a professional gamer for quite some time now, I am able to take this opportunity to go to NA. While I am not sure how long I can be a professional player, I believe it is time to attempt something new.

Team Liquid wanted me, and them having Doublelift didn’t hurt either. I have played with many talented Korean players, but I always wanted to team up and play with Doublelift. Thanks to the other TL members being solid players as well, I don’t have any worries or concerns about joining the team.

You have experienced a lot in Gen.G. At what point did you decide to move on and why?

This year, when we lost in the Asian Games finals, it took a heavy toll on me. With the huge shock, everything changed for me. Seeing Ruler cry after the defeat, I couldn’t help but cry as well. Despite this, I told Ruler: “Give me one more chance. We can do this.” There was nothing else on my mind aside from winning the World Championships.

My ambition for redemption was at an all-time high. It was to a point where I was not nervous about groups at all. I thought to myself “If my opponent is not RNG, I have no reason to be nervous.” Facing against the Chinese teams again, I did the exact same thing as I did at the Asian Games; I became nervous.

I felt a lot of regret. I could have played better; I wanted to play better.. From the ashes of these emotions, the thought of moving forward came up. I am not saying that Ruler and I were lacking as a duo. I merely took the path that gives both of us the best momentum for improvement.

You are going back to NA. When you compare now to the previous time you were in NA, it must be a completely different feeling now. Back then, you were a rookie. Now, you are going back with the title of ‘World Champion’.

The title of ‘World Champion’ is definitely useful when it comes to resumes. However, when it comes to gameplay, there is no difference. I am going with the mindset of this being a fresh start. I want to play well. I want to show everyone a better performance and a better me.

On TL, you will be playing with Doublelift. Since you have played both ADC and support roles professionally, what would you rate Doublelift from a support perspective and a former ADC perspective?

I think it is hard to rate him through two different perspectives. I think Doublelift is a mechanically talented player. At the same time, he plays smart. Even as an ADC, Doublelift makes creative plays. Regardless of which top player you put him up against, Doublelift still performs well. While I have not yet played with him yet, I can just tell he still has so much potential.

¤ How well do you think you will synergize with Doublelift?

To be honest, I am kind of curious myself. From what I have seen, Doublelift is not a passive player. He is proactive in the laning phase, and he is also not afraid to speak his mind. If I use my experience so far as a basis, I am confident we can perform well with each other.

I am curious about what you want to contribute to the team. What role do you think you will play for the team?

Whatever style or space they need filling, I am sure I can adapt to it. After looking at Team Liquid’s style of play, I want to be the player who can help in the areas they lack.

¤ You said that one of the reasons you’re joining TL is their amazing roster. As of now, what are your thoughts on the TL roster?

I have experience going against all the roster members. For Impact, I know he is the type of player who you don’t need to worry about. He will adapt to any situation and play well. Xmithie is a very smart player with strong leadership qualities. Since I like playing out the game with jungle-support synergy, I am eager to talk with Xmithie. With Jensen, he has constantly shown his incredible prowess ever since he debuted. I guarantee Jensen will not disappoint.

Actually, I believe Team Liquid follows this. The team is a bunch of veterans. They play using their own style. By just being able to foster these players, Team Liquid will be an outstanding team.

¤ When you go back to NA, what is the first thing you want to do?

I really miss American food. To be honest, there really isn’t ‘American Food’ in America... I still remember the Pho I ate in America. It felt like eating Burger King for the first time. It was surreal. I felt the same way when eating Pho.

¤ You have been with your girlfriend for 6 years. Are you worried about the long distance?

My girlfriend helped me resolve some of my worries. She told me to not worry too much about her but to focus on finding a good team. Thanks to her, I was able to decide with a clear mind. If I ever get onto a big stage, such as the NA LCS Finals, I will make sure to invite my girlfriend.

¤ If I were to ask what your goal is on Team Liquid, it would probably be to reach the finals. However, I’d like to know what your personal goal is.

I want to raise the overall reputation of supports in NA. I want to show everyone how important a good support player is for a team. A good support produces a good team.

When you look at the NA scene, all the top laners are gaining the attention. Because players like Huni and Impact have performed so well, the image for top laners has improved that much more. Same goes for China. Thanks to Rookie and TheShy playing extremely well, they have boosted the image of top and mid laners.

If I perform well, I would like to think that NA’s support image would improve as well. Like Mata and Madlife, I want to be the type of player to change the image of supports forever.

¤ Lastly, could you say a few words as you depart from the LCK? And also say a few words to your NA fans as well.

It is unfortunate. There are a lot of fans in Korea supporting me, and I have heard all of them. I want to thank you guys for supporting me. If you guys are reading this interview right now, I hope you will continue to support me in NA. If you guys do that, I think I will gain even more strength.

During Worlds, there were a lot of NA fans who recognized me. Going back to NA and surpassing ‘The guy who left NA and did well in Korea’, I want to be ‘An NA player who has represented NA and made us proud’.


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