[Official] GorillA Departs to Europe to Join Misfits Gaming

Europe's Misfits Gaming acquires GorillA.

On the 23rd, through their Twitter page, Misfits Gaming announced that GorillA will be joining their ranks. GorillA is an LCK veteran that has been playing in the league for six years. It's not an exaggeration to say that he is one of LCK's mascot players.

GorillA began his career through an organization called Najin. After the disbandment of the said team, GorillA continued his career by playing for ROX Tigers and Kingzone DragonX(Longzhu Gaming). He also boasts a quite handsome track record: he is a three-time LCK champion and a past Worlds finalist. He was always a major contributor to any team that he played for. 

His relationship with PraY is also a fascinating one. Since 2015 -- since the "old" ROX days -- GorillA had what seemed an inseparable partner, PraY. Nicknamed the "PrillA" bot lane, the duo was highly regarded by many as one of the world's best. However, in 2018, during the latter half of the year, the two severely underperformed and failed to qualify for the World Championship. 

GorillA sought for change, and his next destination was Europe. Although news regarding PraY's next move is unclear, it's highly likely that the two will part ways. Many teams from other leagues, including the LCK, offered GorillA a position in their team; but GorillA decided to join Misfits. 

Misfits Gaming is a European team that became well-known throughout the world due to their remarkable accomplishment of reaching the quarterfinals of the '2017 League of Legends World Championship' after just 1 year of establishment. Looking to strengthen their core for the coming 2019 season, Misfits signed sOAZ, Febiven, and GorillA. 

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    level 4 LuckyGnom

    Sad days, Prilla duo ended their journey :(

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