SKT Looking to Rebuild... 7 Members, Including Bang-Wolf, Depart

7 members of SKT leaves... Bang-Wolf on the list. 

On the 20th of November (KST), SKT announced that 7 of their team members will leave the team; Bang (bottom laner), Wolf (support), Pirean (mid laner), Untara, Thal (top laners), Blossom, and Blank (junglers), are now a free agent. 

With 7 members leaving the organization, SKT will undoubtedly face a big rebuilding process during this transfer market. As a matter of fact, just after the Summer split came to an end, numerous fans and esports officials were expecting a massive change in their upcoming 2019 roster. Among the many possible reasons, it seems that their rather disappointing results in 2018 were the main factor for the rebuild. 

▲ SKT Twitter statement

We wish Bang, Wolf, Pirean, Untara, Thal, Blossom, and Blank the very best for their future endeavors. 

The following are Bang and Wolf's farewell messages shared via social media.

Bang: "Hi everybody! This is Bang, Junsik Bae :) As you have all seen or heard, I have decided to leave SKT T1. The past 5 years at SKT was an amazing journey and I would like to thank all the SKT management, coaching staff, and co-players that together took the wonderful ride.

Every single moment and experience with SKT made me a better person and all the memories will be forever cherished. I would also like to thank all the fans who had cheered and supported me during the good times and bad times for the 6 years I debuted and played at LCK."

Notes: Bang also went live on to share some of his thoughts. See what he had to say to the fans here.

Wolf: "Hello! For a couple of hours, I've been trying to figure out what to say to you guys. As said through the official announcement, I've been with SKT since 2013... I've been with them for 6 years. It came to an end starting today."

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    level 1 JarmandoFigue


    Porque no pensar en Deft en la bot lane, un Moojin en la Jg, un CoreJJ compitiendo con effort en la posicion de soporte y en la toplane seria un dilema, se esperan buenas noticias.

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      level 1 Kcv_V-v


      Yes i would love to see corejj moojin deft khan on skt it would be amazing to have 2 solo laners dominating and agressive bot duo and set up jungler like moojin that grows leads on his own

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