[Sources] As KT Rolster prepares for the coming year, Smeb will be at the core of their plans

Currently, the contract renewal process of every KT player aside from Smeb has been delayed. Score is standing at a crossroads; even if he delays his mandatory military service, he'll only have 1 year left to play as a professional player. He'll soon be 28-years old (Korean age), so he'll have to make a decision: stay with KT and aim to leave behind a meaningful record, or look for a new - and possibly last - opportunity. 

The contract renewal of KT's bot lane is also undecided. KT Rolster placed 3rd in the 2018 LCK Spring Split and claimed the LCK trophy during the Summer. In addition to their regional accomplishment, KT reached the quarterfinals of the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. Although their results there were still far from the best, the team had better results compared to last year. The desired pay of each player is bound to grow higher. Our sources predict that KT will struggle meeting the desired pay of both players in the bot lane. 

If Deft and Mata are to enter the FA market, they'll catch the attention of many teams worldwide. There is a good chance that the duo will be taken by a team as a set. As for Deft, a number of Korean and Chinese teams are already keeping their eyes on him, waiting for a chance to pick him up. The LoL esports scene seems a bit short on Great ADCs; given this, Deft will become one of the biggest names in the FA market if he becomes a free agent. 

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