Bang: "iG is better." vs Peanut: "The team that wins game 1 has a better chance to win the championship"

▲ Bang (Left) and Peanut (Right).

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship between Fnatic and Invictus Gaming is nearing. Fnatic is aiming for their first championship after the first Worlds, and Invictus Gaming is looking to get the first championship ever from an LPL team.

With only hours left until the grand finals, Peanut and Bang shared their predictions.

■ Peanut

Han “Peanut” Wang-ho was careful of his predictions. “The team that wins game 1 has a better chance to win the championship.” Said Peanut. “Both teams have very little experience in the Worlds finals. It’s the first time for most of the members, so momentum is really important.”

When asked to pick the key players, he picked Rookie and Rekkles. “As everybody knows, Rookie is a very good player. He has strong laning and he can also affect other lanes as well. The way he uses his jungler is also very impressive.” On Rekkles, he said “Rekkles hasn’t received that much attention compared to other ADCs during this tournament, but he delivered decent performance in all games. This is one of the reasons Fnatic is doing well, and he’s very consistent in teamfights.”

Peanut concluded his thoughts on the finals by saying, “Fnatic and IG like fighting, and they’re good at it. Rather than comparing the two teams prowess, a lot of the match will depend on the two teams’ picks & bans.”


■ Bang

Bae “Bang” Jun-sik also spoke out. “IG and Fnatic both have strong laning, teamfights, object control, and drafts. They both have what it needs to be a strong team, but I think iG is better.”

He also mentioned his expectations about TheShy and Rookie. “Both players have a good comprehension of the champions and they’re in good condition. What they’ve shown up to now is already impressive, but they’ve probably improved even more during the preparation time after the semifinals.”

However, Bang didn’t underestimate the performance of the junglers and explained that it’s also necessary to pay attention to Broxah and Ning. “I think IG is ahead in top and mid lane, but the junglers make variables in most of the games. The result could be different depending on how the junglers play.”

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