[Worlds Finals Media Day] Fnatic Bwipo: "Most of us are confident. Nobody’s scared. Everyone understands their roles...I think we can take it all."

On the day before the Grand Finals, a Media Day event was held at the LoL Park in Seoul. All the players of Fnatic appeared on stage and answered questions from the media.


The current meta at worlds is around top and mid. Do you get more power about it and do you feel more pressure? 

Caps: Since the champions that are strong in skirmishes are stronger, that’s why they appear more. I don’t really feel pressured in any way. it’s always the same. It’s only up to me to win [lane]. Usually, we play better as a team. Even if I don’t play well as a mid, our team will play well.

Where’s Hylissang. Is anything wrong with him?

: He hasn’t been feeling very well, he’ll be well by tomorrow, but we thought it would be better if he has rest today.

What does it mean to the team being in the finals?

: We think it’s a great accomplishment. We don’t really comprehend it because we still need to win the finals.

(To Caps) You had said that you want to play against Rookie. What are your strengths and weaknesses you have against him?

: Rookie’s strengths are having a strong laning phase. He gets ahead and snowballs through it. But that’s also his weakness because if he doesn’t get ahead, he can’t do much later in the game.

If Fnatic wins the championship, is there a ceremony that you’ll be doing or do you pledge to do anything?

: As of now, we don’t have any plans. We still want to take one step at a time to win the trophy. We need to stand ground and stay calm until we win.

Is there a specific player or champion that you’re keeping in mind?

: I don’t want to talk about specific champions because iG can use it during the ban phase. As for the players, Rookie and TheShy are the key players so we’re aware of them.

In Quarters, Viktor rose a lot, but iG seemed to avoid playing him. Fnatic seems to be ahead in terms of Viktor. How will you utilize him, and how are you preparing the match?

: iG had banned Viktor. I think it’s because he’s strong and robust at top. If they don’t ban him, they would have prepared a counter pick, so I don’t think we have too much of an advantage. I might be preparing some cheese picks. (Laughs)

What does it mean to you being at the Worlds finals in such a long time?

: It’s quite different. It’s an achievement, but if I’m able to play, that would really mean something. I haven’t been playing much since the group stage, so I may not be able to play. It would really mean something if I’m able to play.

: I’m just here to win.

Rookie and TheShy are super strong players. What do you think of them?

: Both are very strong laning and mechanical players. But iG relies a lot on those two. If they don’t have a good game, the game gets harder. I think we will be able to prevent them from getting enough resources.

(To Rekkles) You’ve been pro for quite long. People think that your playstyle changed a lot during this Worlds. What do you think?

: I’ve always been a smart player than being a mechanical player. The longer my career gets, I can use that more.

Will you shave if you win Worlds?

: I was going to keep my beard until next year, but my mom was already flipping out. So I’ll probably have to shave after the finals, but I might grow it again afterward.

(To Bwipo) It seems that you enjoy the game a lot. The LPL players seem to get stressed a lot. Do you have any advice for them?

: For every pro player, it’s the same. But I criticize myself more than anyone else does. That’s how I got here, I criticize every little mistake I make to improve myself. So rather than thinking of what others say, you need to think of what you can do to improve yourself and what’s left is just enjoying the game.

You bring a lot of laughter to the team. How’s the team’s state at now? Do you feel a lot of pressure?

: Most of us are confident. Nobody’s scared. Everyone understands their roles. We know that even if we lose, it’s not the end. We have what it takes for a Bo5, and we really can’t imagine losing. I think that’s why we can relieve the pressure. I think we can take it all.

(To Rekkles) You said that you want to play in an eastern team before.

: Someday, I want to play in a Chinese team. At the same time, I don’t think that day has come yet. I’d like to play more in Fnatic and maybe play in China for the last 1-2 years [of my career].

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