FNC Rekkles on the Finals: "We've beaten IG twice. It wasn't random or luck."

Fnatic will face Invictus Gaming in the 2018 World Championship Finals. 

On the 28th of October (KST), Fnatic (FNC) defeated Cloud9 (C9) in the 2018 Worlds Semifinals day 2 and advanced to the Finals. The traditional "NA vs EU" rivalry rather ended early with a 3:0 sweep from the EU representative. Similar to day 1, the upper laners were the main focus for the series. Using Broxah's support from the jungle, FNC managed to snowball using the top-mid advantage. Although they were behind in the game on the second and third set, FNC's mid laner, Caps was always solid throughout the series. Their bottom duo, who mostly focused on pushing their lanes, also managed to score first-blood in game 3. With every player delivering concrete performance FNC succeeded to go to the Finals.

After the series, the Fnatic members joined the press room for an after match interview. The following is the Korean press interview. 

What is the difference between the last year's Fnatic and this year's?

Head coach Dylan: We're a more experienced team. Also, this time we have YoungBuck. 


What is it like to see Fnatic getting to the finals after 7 years? 

Rekkles: I think it's not that important. It's more about winning or losing; it doesn't matter when you lose or win. That's why I'm not that thinking about that a lot.  


How is it to reach the finals? 

Rekkles: I just want to win. 

Broxah: We're happy. If we can win the Worlds then we'll celebrate. 


Inside the game, when do you think Fnatic would win?

Caps: We were trying to focus on pushing our lead. I think slaying the Baron made us end the game. After that, we just pushed through our minion waves. (laughs)


Two teams in Group D will go against each other in the Finals. In this tournament, the mid laners are receiving a lot of attention. Your opponent, Rookie said that he's looking forward to go against Caps.  What are your thoughts on this?

Caps: Going into the Worlds, I really wanted to play against Rookie. In the Group Stage, I was able to find out his strengths and playstyle. I think I wasn't able to show a lot compared to what he's done in this Worlds. Personally, I think he'll use the same style he did in the Groups. In the remaining week, I'll try my best to perform better. 


What are the odds of Fnatic defeating iG in the Finals? 

Rekkles: Our chances are higher than theirs. Of course, they deserve to be here. We've beaten them twice in the Groups and I think it wasn't random or luck. I'm not afraid. I do believe that we're better than them. 


Rookie stated yesterday that LeBlanc is a very good pick in mid. What are your thoughts on this? Also, in game 3, Fnatic picked Rek'Sai which isn't considered as a major pick in the jungle. Why did you pick her? 

Caps: LeBlanc is a strong mid pick. The opponent used a lot of bans on mid lane; I think they banned about 3 champions. That's why we picked her. She's also strong in the early game. 

About Rek'Sai... I do think she's a good pick in this meta. She's especially strong against Xin Zhao which is considered as a good pick in this Worlds. 


Although there are Korean players in the iG roster, a lot of Korean fans are rooting for Fnatic in the Finals. How do you feel? 

Dylan: It is really amazing. We're currently playing in Korea and the Korean fans are rooting for us which means that we have EU and Korea on our side. 

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