FNC sOAZ: "When we knew G-Rex was going to dive Bwipo, we all yelled out ‘USE YOUR POTIONS. PLEASE USE YOUR POTIONS.’ Thank god, Bwipo ended up being fine."

On the 13th (KST), Fnatic defeated G-Rex and ended their 4th day at groups with a 2-1 score.

Fnatic started off the game with an explosive start. Defending G-Rex’s dive in the top lane and executing multiple dives in the bot lane, Fnatic solidified their early to mid game presence. With Broxah solo killing Camille as Lee Sin, Fnatic was able to secure the Baron and close out the game.

After the match, we got to meet with Fnatic’s top laner, sOAZ. Below are the interview responses.

¤ How do you feel about the game today?

I was not necessarily confident after the draft. Picks&bans from both teams were pretty good. They had Galio, Camille, Shen, and Kai’Sa. It can be really scary, right? Everything was really up in the air on whether Camille can make a lot of plays with Shen at lvl 6.

Thankfully, we won the bot lane fight. I had the same feeling with 100 Thieves. We won the bot lane fight against 100 Thieves, and the game was over. When we won the bot lane fight today, I just knew the game was already over. Since we are just the better team, if we have a good early game, we will just win the game.

¤ Today’s game was probably the most aggressive game since the start of groups. Why did Fnatic plan to be this aggressive in the early game?

I don’t think we played that aggressive early. We just saw good opportunity for fights and took it. After, we just snowballed the lead right? For example, against iG, we were trying to stall out the game on a deficit. Our team died so much in the early game. We couldn’t make the same plays we made today against G-Rex.

The first thing that happened in today’s game was them diving top and failing it. Camille losing Flash and dying in the top lane was huge for us. Because of this, our mid and bot lane didn’t have to worry about Camille Flash ganking their lane. G-Rex failing the top dive and losing the fight bottom basically meant that the game was over for them.

¤ Bwipo made some spicy reactions to Broxah’s plays. Did you see his reactions? If so, what did you think?

(laughs). Everyone spectating saw the slow push top lane and suspected a dive. When we knew G-Rex was going to dive Bwipo, we all yelled out ‘USE YOUR POTIONS. PLEASE USE YOUR POTIONS.’ Bwipo used his potions slightly before the dive so thankfully it was not as bad as it could have been. Luckily, Bwipo also hit lvl 4 during the dive.

It was a bit scary before Bwipo used his potions. He was like 40% health. Thank god, Bwipo ended up being fine.

¤ You have played for Fnatic’s first 2 games, but today was Bwipo’s first game and first win for Worlds. How do you think he played and anything you want to say to Bwipo to congratulate him?

I think Bwipo was really pumped to play his first game. When you watch a lot, like Bwipo did, you get really motivated to play and show your best performance. You also have a need to prove to your teammates that when you do go up on that stage, you do perform well. It was a very good opportunity for not only Fnatic but also for Bwipo.

Bwipo played really good today. He died during the nexus dive, so Bwipo is definitely a Fnatic top laner (laughs). That was really funny.

¤ When you saw Bwipo coming off the stage, was he jumping up and down in excitement?

Bwipo is not that much hype as compared to Caps. Caps is exactly how you described Bwipo. Jumping up and down while screaming. Depending on the game of course. Meanwhile, Bwipo is more of the smiling type. He would just be smiling a LOT. Caps just has too much energy.

¤ You guys have 3 days of break until you guys have a rematch game against iG, 100 Thieves, and G-Rex. Who will be playing for those games and are you guys confident in beating iG the next time around?

I believe against iG, as long as we have an early game lead, we will just take the win off them. For next time, we will be extremely prepared. Even if we are not ahead but slightly behind iG, I think we can still take the game. We just not have to f*** up like we did our last game (laughs). iG gave us a lot of opportunities to come back into the game. It is definitely a good sign which tells us that Fnatic can absolutely win against iG.

¤ Lastly, anything you want to say?

Not really. Thank you for interviewing me (laughs). Hello to all the Korean fans.


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