Gen.G CuVee: "We strongly believe there is not a significant skill gap at all between us and C9. I most definitely have confidence we can beat them again."

On the 12th (KST), Gen.G scored their first win of the group stage by defeating Cloud9.

Gen.G, alongside Afreeca Freecs, has had a rough and unexpected start to Worlds. Losing the first two games, Gen.G was put into the spotlight of controversy. Despite all this, Gen.G played a phenomenal game against Cloud9 and has bounced back.

After the game, we got to meet and talk with Gen.G’s top laner, CuVee. Below are the interview responses.

¤ How do you feel about Gen.G’s first win?

I am very relieved that we were able to win today’s game. This is because it opens up the possibility for us to place 2nd. We still have a lot of hope we can perform well because we don’t believe we are losing due to a lack of skill or skill difference.

¤ What was the reason behind the Poppy pick? Was it due to the Urgot match up or the synergy with Taliyah ult?

First of, as a tank, Poppy does exceptionally well against AD champions. On top of all this, since they had a lot of dashes and our overall synergy with other picks, it only felt natural for me to lock in Poppy.

¤ Gen.G has not performed as everyone expected them to. Do you think it is because you didn’t eat enough bananas?

To be honest, when you look at performance alone, we lost a few games not because of my plays but because of our other member’s mistakes. I don’t think it is because of the bananas. I make sure to eat plenty (laughs).

¤ Were you nervous going into the match against C9?

For me, I don’t necessarily get nervous before matches. I played the game today with the mindset of there is still hope, and I need to try my damn hardest to win.

¤ How was the team’s atmosphere? Were the other players nervous at all?

There are players on the team who don’t get nervous and who do get nervous. I think Ruler was pretty nervous though.

¤ You faced Licorice in the top lane today. How was it?

The 1 vs 1 went according to what I expected to go. Since top lane right now is based on how much you can influence other lanes, I tried to mainly put all of my focus on that.

¤ You have a day of rest until you have a rematch against C9. How will you prepare and are you confident you can beat them again?

Rather than preparing a certain way, when you look at the past 3 games we played, we lost because of individual mistakes. As long as we stop those mistakes from happening, we should be more than alright. In terms of confidence, because we strongly believe there is not a significant skill gap at all between us and C9, I most definitely have confidence we can beat them again.

¤ Do you have a specific top laner at Worlds that you want to meet or are wary of?

The player that probably concerned me the most is Letme. Since his style is utilized and supported to the max with his team, I was very scared of him. Due to the top lane meta also favoring his exact style, I think that is why I am so wary of Letme.

¤ The top lane meta right now is mostly based on who plays Urgot/Aatrox better. If they are banned, you have to play around other lanes. As a top laner, do you personally find this meta ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’?

I’m not sure if this meta is fun or not. However, I am very confident in the Aatrox vs Urgot matchup. If those two are banned, I need to focus on trying to influence on other lanes. This becomes rather difficult for me.

¤ Other than the meta picks, do you have any specific picks that you have prepared?

For me, rather than preparing a specific champion, I try to focus on what will be good in the meta right now. Instead of gathering picks, I try to fit the best version of myself in the meta.

¤ Exception of kt, a lot of LCK teams are struggling right now. Could you saw a few words to the worried Korean fans to ensure that everything will be okay?

If you looked at our games, you should know that we don’t lack skill. It is just unfortunate because we make one mistakes and the games suddenly end off it. We will focus on not repeating the past. We will do well. I hope you guys stick by us and see.


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