kt Score: "In today’s draft, Team Liquid drafted exactly how we predicted. In terms of skill, Team Liquid played better than we had expected."

On the 10th (KST), kt Rolster kicked off their first game of the 2018 World Championship Group Stage with a win over Team Liquid.

The first game of Worlds had surprised most, if not all, who were watching. Team Liquid had not only secured first blood against the number one seed team from the LCK but they also grabbed the next few.

Despite this great start from Team Liquid, kt displayed incredible macro throughout the mid to late game to grab kills, towers, and Baron. Although Team Liquid had taken multiple Drakes, kt willingly traded the Drake with a Baron or a tower.

After the game, we got the opportunity to meet and talk with kt’s jungler, Score. Let’s see what Score has to say about facing against Xmithie, Team Liquid, and Ucal’s mental.

¤ How do you feel about your first win of the World Championship?

While it would have been very understandable for our team to be nervous due to it being the very first opening game, I am extremely relieved and glad that we could conclude our first game with a win.

¤ Was there any episodes regarding to certain player’s conditions before the game? For example, was a player more nervous than the rest?

One episode would have to be Ucal. Before the game, Ucal told me that his condition was amazing. No matter what champion he played, Ucal told me he could clean house.

¤ After the match, Doublelift tweeted out that his team was very nervous and is why they didn’t perform as well as they could have. Do you think this is the reason why there was such a huge gap in the mid to late game?

When you look at the mid to late game, it was the typical LCK macro scenario. LCK teams naturally create that noticeable gap between the mid to late game due to our rotations. There was just a huge difference between us and TL.

¤ If you were to pick an MVP for this game, who would it be?

Anyone who watched the game would pick Ucal for today’s game.

¤ In regards to any region or team, there is a unique style of play, draft, and meta. How was it like vsing the number one seed from NA? Did they draft to your surprise or draft/play as predicted?

Prior to today’s game, we already studied and analyzed Team Liquid’s playstyle and drafts. In today’s draft, Team Liquid drafted exactly how we predicted. In terms of skill, Team Liquid played better than we had expected.

¤ There are a lot of games remaining still. What are your predictions/goals for group stage?

I believe MAD will be our next opponent in our second game. Despite our first win in today’s game, we didn’t feel like we played perfectly. We will aim to play without mistakes and with a strong performance for our next game.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your fans?

kt has started off strong. I hope you guys continue to cheer us on throughout Worlds.

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