[2018 LCK Summer Finals] KT Score: "Many years have passed, and I finally got my hands on an LCK title. I marched on without giving up, and I feel that I'm finally given my reward."

On the 8th of September, at the LCK Summer Finals, KT Rolster defeated Griffin with a score of 3-2. Both sides were evenly matched and had played a full series. In game 5, however, by playing a composition focused on global ultimates, KT finalized the series in their favor. This victory gave Ucal, and most importantly, Score, their very first LCK title. 

After the match, the coaches and players of KT Rolster were invited for an interview with OGN. 

You just won the LCK! How do you feel?

Head coach ZanDarc: The players were under a lot of pressure for this match. I'm extremely thankful that they won.

Coach AnimalDAX: This was something I've been dreaming of ever since I began coaching. I always wondered what I'd say on stage if I was to ever win. Now that I've won, I can't think of anything to say. I want to thank the players, head coach, and the staff. We were able to win today because all of us worked together as one. 

Coach S0NSTAR: The players won a very difficult matchup. I want to thank them. I'm feeling great right now. 

Smeb: We played poorly in game 1, and that's why today's series was a struggle. I'm very happy that we won. A lot of the members from our team cried the moment we won, but I couldn't get myself to do the same -- because we still have the bigger, more important tournament, the World Championship remaining. We performed poorly recently, but I want us to do well at Worlds and make Korea great again. Afreeca Freecs qualified for Worlds thanks to us -- Kuro owes me a drink. 

Score: Many years have passed, and I finally got my hands on an LCK title. I marched on without giving up, and I feel that I'm finally given my reward. Thanks to today, I'll be motivated even further to work harder as a professional gamer. 

In addition to having many supporting fans that cheered us on, the players of our team are all great friends -- so I really wanted us to win a title, together. I was always sorry for all the past KT players because I couldn't win a title for them. All past KT players were like family to me... it really hurt me that they either left or were sent away without having been able to achieve anything meaningful together.

I endured this Split with the mindset that I'll never have my teammates leave again. I'm very thankful for them. I also want to thank my girlfriend who came to watch the games today. (What's more exciting? Kissing the LCK trophy, or your girlfriend?) Kissing my girlfriend...

Ucal: Score always failed to win a title, but he finally put an end to that streak today. I feel great because of that. However, strangely, Score didn't enter Nirvana upon winning the LCK title. I'll have him enter for sure by winning the World Championship. 

Deft: All of us gathered together to achieve something big. Although I want to say that it was a long and tough journey, Score suffered the most out of us all, so I can't seem to get myself to say that. We'll work even harder for Worlds. 

Mata: It's been 5 years since I've won an LCK title. Similar to Smeb and Score, it had been a while since I've won. That's why I was so hungry to win. I feel extremely content and happy. 

How will the LCK fare against the other teams at the World Championship?

Mata: I don't know about the LCK, but KT Rolster will be different, for sure. 

ZanDarc: It's not the end yet. We needed an LCK title, but all of us were handpicked for this team to do well at the World Championship. We'll do our best to perform well there.

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