[LoL Asian Games] Korea Defeats China in the Group Stage. Korea and Chinese Taipei Sweeps Day 1

On the 27th of August (KST), the 2018 Asian Games LoL event group stage started off with the match against China and Kazakhstan. The next two ‘broadcasted’ games were 'Saudi Arabia vs Indonesia' and 'Korea vs China'.


Notes: Only the games that were held in the main stage were broadcasted in Korea.

China dominated the match against Kazakhstan in the first game.

With a rather risky bottom dive in the early-game from China, both teams shared a kill each. However, it didn’t take long for China to gain back the advantage. It started with Xiye’s solo kill. From that point on the game was a ‘highly’ one-sided game. China won every teamfight and closed down the game before the 20-minute mark.

The next game was Saudi Arabia vs Indonesia.

Saudi Arabia had a fresh start by gaining first blood near bottom lane. The second kill came from top; Saudi Arabia’s Gnar and Gragas killed Indonesia’s Camille. Although Indonesia gained a kill in bottom lane, their jungler got killed in top at the same time. Saudi Arabia started to gain the early-game advantage.

Saudi Arabia managed to dominate the game using their jungle-mid advantage. They soon pushed through Indonesia’s mid turrets and secured the Baron buff near the 20-minute mark. After destroying Indonesia’s top inhibitor, Saudi Arabia destroyed the enemy Nexus.

For the last game, the traditional LoL rivals, Korea and China faced each other.

Team Korea gained the early-game advantage by gaining first blood on China’s top Akali. China tried to kill Gangplank by going for a 2-man top dive, but Kiin’s Gangplank managed to kill mlxg’s Olaf. Korea soon engaged for a fight near China’s bottom tier 1 turret, but Score’s Gragas and Faker’s Galio died. However, Korea gained some points near top while Kiin’s Gangplank evaded China’s 3-man bottom dive.

After securing their first Baron buff, Korea started to use a 1-3-1 split push strategy. They soon pushed through China’s territory and engaged for a teamfight. In the process Ruler’s Ashe picked up a quadra-kill. With this huge teamfight victory, they destroyed the enemy Nexus and closed down game 3.

2018 Asian Games LoL event day 1 results

Group A
Kazakhstan vs China (W)
Korea (W) vs Vietnam 
Korea (W) vs China
Kazakhstan vs Vietnam (W)
Vietnam vs China (W) 
Kazakhstan vs Korea (W)
China (W)
vs Vietnam
Korea (W)
vs Kazakhstan

Group B
Indonesia vs Saudi Arabia (W)
Chinese Taipei (W) vs Pakistan 
Chinese Taipei (W) vs Indonesia 
Pakistan vs Saudi Arabia (W)
Chinese Taipei (W) vs Saudi Arabia
Pakistan (W) vs Indonesia

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