Gen.G Fly: "Hanwha, SKT, and bbq. Please win. I trust you guys."

On the 7th of August (KST), Gen.G took down MVP 2:0. Despite MVP bringing out the Amumu in the jungle and executing successful early game ganks, Gen.G was not swayed. Gen.G was relentless in their precision to capitalize on picks and seize for objectives.

After the games, Gen.G’s support and mid laner, CoreJJ and Fly, was interviewed by SPOTV.


¤ Finally, you finished your last regular season game. How do you guys feel about the win?

CoreJJ: After winning today’s games, all that is left to us is to watch the remainder of the games. Because we won 2:0 in a set that we had to do well in, I am very happy.

Fly: It feels good to win a clean game. I guess I have to cheer for the teams in the upcoming games.

¤ The contest for high standings in the ladder is extremely competitive. Since the games were clean today, what is the overall team atmosphere?

CoreJJ: I think we will be able to maintain the high spirit. Although we don’t have any more games in the regular season, we will still try our best to keep our mood high.

¤ There was a small mistake from Gen.G in top lane in the 1st game.

CoreJJ: We thought Skarner was alone. Despite dying which was unfortunate, I don’t think it was too bad for us.

Fly: Luckily Orianna took a lot of time to rotate. Due to the vision we had, we were able to chunk a lot of health off the mid tower.

¤ In the 2nd game, Varus-Morgana was thought to have lane priority against Gen.G’s Ashe-Braum. What are your thoughts on the confidence level for Gen.G’s bot lane?

CoreJJ: We go into a game with the mindset of winning regardless on who we go up against. Because I usually play with a lot of confidence, I believe it looks significantly better than usual if the game goes well.

¤ During the 2nd game, Fly’s Zoe had priority over Orianna. Before, you had said that Zoe is all luck. Do you think your luck with bubbles was good this game?

Fly: What I felt is that the enemy Orianna made a lot of crucial mistakes. It is not necessarily because of luck.

¤ In the mid to late game of game 2, we saw Fly clean up multiple members of the enemy team.

Fly: I believe it is a play that all Zoe players must be capable of doing.

¤ The important moment is now. You guys have qualified for playoffs. The period of waiting for the results of the remainder of the teams is quite long. What are you guys going to do till then?

CoreJJ: During that time… I think there is nothing left but to pray. I am going to cheer to the best of my ability. I recently realized how fun it is to root for a team. I guess you could say I now know how the fans feel. To be honest, I want all the teams to win. 

Fly: I will be cheering for the best team, Hanwha.

¤ Could you say a supportive message to Hanwha Life Esports?

Fly: Hanwha, SKT, and bbq. Please win. I trust you guys.

¤ What are your playoff predictions?

CoreJJ: Depending on the other team’s results, it will change our starting position for the playoffs. What matters is our initial performance at playoffs. We will show you the best starting performance. Thank you.

Fly: I think the same. CoreJJ is so good at talking in interviews. Since our team is going to try our best, please support us as much as possible.

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