FW Moojin: "Excited for my first World Championships...I want to meet Score."

Flash Wolves, the king of LMS, has been confirmed to have qualified for the 2018 League Of Legends World Championships. With beating Team Afro on the 4th, Flash Wolves marched on with their 11 consecutive regular season win and raised their chances of winning the title for the sixth time in a row.

Recently joining Flash Wolves this year, Moojin commented "Last split, we had 3 losses all together. This split, I really tried my best to be undefeated. I am extremely happy our team could secure a seat for Worlds this way.".

In addition to this, Moojin did not forget to say hello to his Korean fans. Moojin asked for support by saying "Ever since Challengers Korea, I now get the opportunity to play on the Korean stage again. I am looking forward to it, and I am very excited.". Moojin also wanted to express his wanting to share more joy with his fans: "Escaping the typical strong individual image that players would have, I communicate very frequently with my fans. We are in no ways different, so please feel free to talk with me off stage.”.

Through the end, Moojin pointed out that the team he wants to face the most is kt. "There is a rumor that Score is in charge of teaching all the rookie players. Because it seems like I could learn a lot from him, I want to get punished by Score. Despite this, if I do get to meet him, I will make sure I won’t lose that easily.".

Meanwhile, after the recruitment of Moojin, Flash Wolves has been in harmony with the existing members: Maple and SwordArt. Reflecting on the recent 2018 Rift Rivals, Flash Wolves displayed considerable performance by taking down both RNG and KingZone Dragon X.

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