Gathering Mastery and Equipment Added to BDO KR: Get More Gathering & Rare Items!


A new Gathering Mastery system has been added to Black Desert Online KR on July 11th. The Gathering Mastery shows how much a player has mastered gathering, and it is different from the Life Skill level; if you have higher Gathering Mastery, your chance to gather and the amount you can get will increase. You can increase your Gathering Mastery by equipping the items and accessories that were added with the latest patch.


▶ Latest in BDO: BDO KR Patch Notes July 12th - Gathering Mastery, Manos Gathering Tools, Manos Gathering Clothes&Acc

Life Skill Mastery can be checked in the ‘My Information (P)’ tab and you can see the stats for Wood Chopping/Fluid Collecting/Gathering (Hoe)/Butchering/Tanning/Mining/Water Gathering in the Gathering Mastery info. Life Skill Mastery is applied to gathering as well as crafting.

You can get up to 2,000 points for Gathering Mastery, which is divided into a total of 40 levels with 50 points each. Gathering Mastery will increase as your Life Skill level increases, and it can also be increased by equipping certain equipment or accessories. The number of your base items will increase whenever your Mastery increases, while chance and amount of gathering will increase for the special and rare items.

The base items mentioned before refer to basic items that can be gathered like Timber, Ore, Sap, etc; rare items refer to materials used for enhancing like Black Crystal Shards, Caphras Stone, etc. Special items refer to items besides base/rare gathering items like Laila’s Petal or Deep Blue Hoof Root.


The Gathering Chance and Amount Increase Based on Gathering Mastery


▲ You can check your Mastery level by opening the My Information tab, and see more details by hovering your cursor over the stats.


Your Gathering Mastery will increase as your Life Skill level increases from continuous gathering, but it will be difficult to hit higher Mastery through just gathering. You can enhance your Gathering Mastery by equipping specialized equipment or accessories, such as Magical Manos Gathering Clothes, Magical Manos Gathering Tools, and Magical Manos Grass Green Accessories. All of these can be made with manufacturing but cannot be purchased from a Luxury Items Vendor like Magical Manos Craft Clothes can.

For Magical Manos Gathering Clothes, there are: Woodchopper's Clothes, Collector's Clothes, Gatherer's Clothes, Butcher's Clothes, Tanner's Clothes, and Miner's Clothes, and each increases Mastery for Lumbering, Fluid Collecting, Gathering (Hoe), Butchering, Tanning, and Mining as well as Movement Speed Level. There are a total of 6 Magical Manos Gathering Tools, and each will increase the Gathering Mastery for its kind but does not come with the Movement Speed Level increase.

As for Magical Manos Grass Green Accessories, there are a total of 4 kinds: Necklace, Earring, Ring, and Belt. All of the accessories increase Gathering Mastery, although they slightly differ in additional effects. The Necklace increases the Gathering Potential, while the Earring and Ring increase Gathering EXP, and the Belt increases the maximum weight you can carry.

The Magical Manos Gathering Clothes can be enhanced up to +1~+15 with Black Crystals, and can be enhanced up to PEN (V) with Concentrated Magical Black Crystals. The Magical Manos Grass Green Accessories can be enhanced from PRI (I) to PEN (V) with Concentrated Magical Black Crystals.


▲ Magical Manos Hoe used to gather Thracia. You will get +400 Gathering Mastery when equipped with this.


In order to manufacture any kind of Magical Manos Gathering Clothes, you will at least need Twilight-laden Fabric x 15, Manos x 5, and Magical Shard x 50. The materials you need aside from those will differ for each piece; you will need Ocean Sapphire x 30 for Woodchopper’s Clothes, Forest Emerald x 30 for Collector's Clothes, Moonlight Opal x 30 for Gatherer’s Clothes, Gold Topaz x 30 for Butcher’s Clothes, Star Diamond x 30 for Tanner’s Clothes, and Bloody Ruby x 30 for Miner’s Clothes.


Twilight-laden Fabric, one of the materials you need, can be obtained via Craft - Grinding Oil of Fortitude x 50 and Fabric x 50. Oil of Fortitude can be crafted with Clown’s Blood, Fruit of Nature, Powder of Flame, and Monk’s Branch using the Alchemy Tool. Fabric can be processed by grinding 10 Cotton Yarn; Cotton Yarn can be obtained by heating Cotton, which you can get either from the Exploration Node or via Cotton gathering.


▲ Magical Manos Gathering Clothes Effects & Manufacturing Materials


▲ Magical Manos Gathering Tool Enhancement Materials


All of the Magical Manos Gathering Tools need Metal Solvent x 15, Manos x 5, and Magical Shard x 50 to be manufactured. You will also need a Shining Steel tool for each Magical Manos Gathering Tool. For example, you will need a Shining Steel Hoe to make a Magical Manos Hoe.

You will need Maple Timber, Pure Iron Crystal, Steel, and Black Stone Powder when manufacturing Shining Gathering Tools (except Shining Fluid Collector, which you won’t need Maple Timber for). The number of materials you need will differ for each item, and you will need Fine Hard Hide for the Butcher Knife or Tanning Knife. These can be crafted at the Tool Workshop.


▲ Magical Manos Gathering Tool Effects & Manufacturing Materials


▲Shining Gathering Tools can be crafted at a level 3 Tool Workshop.


You will need Forest Emerald x 1, Scorched Shard x 15, and Manos x 5 to manufacture Magical Manos Accessories. Other than that, the Magical Manos Grass Green Necklace will need Pure Platinum Crystal x 30, the Grass Green Earring will need Pure Silver Crystal x 30, the Grass Green Ring will need Pure Iron Crystal x 30, and the Grass Green Belt will need Supreme Tough Hide x 30.

Scorched Shards can be obtained as rewards by completing daily quests from Lara in Heidel, or through exchanging Shining Golden Seal - [Alchemy] x 100.

Pure Platinum Crystals can be obtained by heating Metal Solvent with Platinum Ingots, or heating Bares weapons, Scarla Necklace, Outlaw’s Ring, etc.

Pure Silver Crystal can be obtained by heating Metal Solvent with Silver Ingots, or heating Krea weapons, Red Coral Ring, Ancient Weapon Core, Blue Coral Ring, etc.

Pure Steel Crystals can be obtained by heating Metal Solvent with Steel Ingots, or heating Kalis weapons, Vangertz Shield, Oros Ornamental Knot, etc.

Supreme Tough Hide can be obtained by mixing Fine Tough Hide with Leather Glaze. Fine Tough Hide can be obtained by drying Tough Hide or Goat, Pig, or Rhino Hide, etc. Leather Glaze can be crafted with Clear Liquid Reagent x 1, Powder of Darkness x 2, Maple Sap x 3, Trace of Ascension x 3, and Alchemy Tool.


▲ Magical Manos Accessory Effects & Manufacture Materials


▲ Magical Manos Accessory Enhancement Materials

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  • 0

    level 2 Dringe


    I assume that the new Manos gathering tools have repairable durability? If so could you tell us what's the max durability on those?

    • 0

      level 11 Meii


      Hi, the Manos gathering tools can be repaired and their maximum durability is 250 based on PEN (V)!

  • 0

    level 1 Joe62


    I have about 600 Magic tools all over my storages. Will they be useless after manos tools come out? How did the KR market react in terms of selling their magic tools?

    I am thrilled for your answer :D

    You're doing an amazing job, thank you :P

    • 0

      level 2 CH88


      The manos tool gives you around 220 pointa at trii.. But its not the only way to get mastery points you can get the accessory and the.cloth to get some nice points while using your magix tools...btw 600 tools ita kinda crazy to waste all those storage slots for only tools.

  • 0

    level 1 Phartona

    Can you still Gatter Thracias with the manos hoe or how are you supposed to gather them now? I was really hyped for them...
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