BDO KR Patch Notes July 12th - Gathering Mastery, Manos Gathering Tools, Manos Gathering Clothes&Acc



Continued Event: Special Summer Sales - Week 3
  -  From June 28th to August 2nd
  -  The 3rd week of Special Summer Sales event will feature Epheria Marine costumes!

New Event: Account Security Event
  -  From July 11th to August 10th
  -  Check your account security again!

Attendance rewards of July event
  -  This month’s loyal attendance rewards include additional 5 Shakatu’s Seals.

Fried Chicken and Beer event
  -  From July 17th to August 16th



Fixed the issue where the action of inflicting damage was not being displayed properly from the other adventurers’ perspective when attacking in PvP mode.

Fixed the issue where the animation of being attacked was not properly displayed when you are attacked by a player who has forced PvP option turned on.



Fixed the awkward skill descriptions of Piercing Spear and Absolute: Piercing Spear.



Fixed the awkward animation that occurred when using Pinpoint while moving leftward in Longbow stance.

Fixed the wrong graphical effects that occurred when using Blasting Gust quickly as a combo after Ultimate: Evasive Shots.

Fixed the graphical glitches of Giath’s Helmet that occurred with certain character templates



Switching to Scythe after Midnight Stinger will be more smooth.

Fixed an issue where Sinister Omen healed the target’s HP instead of dealing damage over time



Fixed the typos in some skill descriptions.



 Fixed the graphical issue that occurred when wearing Martillo and Gorca Swimsuit.


[Witch and Wizard]

Fixed the issue where you could not use the skill Absolute: Fireball with Charging when Absolute: Fireball was registered onto Quick Slot.



Fixed the graphical glitches with the shoulder part of Pila Fe Outlaw Clothes under certain character customization.


[Kunoichi and Ninja]

When using the following skills, the skill effects of Concealment will change.
  -  Ninjutsu: Concealment, Shadow Cloak, Ninjutsu: Oni Shadow, Shuriken: Moon Dive (Ninja), Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut (Kunoichi)
  -  100 Stamina will be consumed continuously in Concealment mode.
  -  Stamina will be recovered continuously when standing still in Concealment mode.
  -  Concealment mode will be deactivated when Stamina drops below 150.

Suicide Fall’s defense effect will be Super Armor instead of Invincibility.



Fixed the issue where the swimsuit would appear through Cokro outfit when wearing swimsuit and Cokro outfit together.



Fixed an issue where the graphical effects of the shoving attack in Dragon’s Rip were not visible to other players.

Wolf’s Frenzy will inflict Stiffness on the first hit only.

Fixed the graphical glitches that occurred when wearing Sileshi Underwear and Kibelius Armor together.

Fixed the graphical glitches that occurred when wearing Bikinis and Karlstein Armor together.



Fixed the graphical glitches that occurred when holding Crimson Glaives while wearing Florie costume.

Fixed the graphical glitches with Charles Rene costume.



Magical Manos Gathering Clothes have been added.
  -  Magical Manos Gathering Clothes can be Manufactured.
  -  There are six types, and each type of Clothes will increase Lumbering/Fluid Collecting/Tanning/Butchering/Mining/Harvesting(Hoe) Mastery and Movement Speed Level.

  -  Twilight-laden Fabric can be crafted by Processing (Grinding) 50 Oil of Fortitude and 50 Cotton Fabric together.
  -  Magical Manos Gathering Clothes can be enhanced up to PEN(V). Gathering Mastery will increase as the enhancement level goes up.
  -  Magical Manos Gathering Clothes can be enhanced safely up to +5.

Magical Manos Gathering Tools have been added.
  -  Magical Manos Gathering Tools can be Manufactured.
  -  There are six types, and each type of Clothes will increase Lumbering/Fluid Collecting/Tanning/Butchering/Mining/Harvesting(Hoe) Mastery.
  -  When you fail the enhancement, you will get +1 failstack regardless of the enhancement level.

  -  Gathering Chance increase buff from Magic/Lucky Gathering tools and Gathering Mastery will not be applied at the same time. Only the buff from the Gathering tools will be applied.

Magical Manos Gathering Accessories have been added.
  -  Magical Manos Gathering Accessories can be Manufactured.
  -  Magical Manos Gathering Accessories will increase all Gathering Mastery.
  -  Magical Manos Gathering Accessories has other effects as well.

  -  Scorched Shards can be obtained by completing Lara’s daily quest (general goods vendor in Heidel) or can be exchanged with 100 Shiny Golden Seals-Alchemy.
  -  Magical Manos Gathering Accessories can be enhanced up to PEN(V), and will increase more Gathering Mastery as enhancement level goes up. Concentrated Magical Black Crystals are required for enhancement.

Seeker’s Hawk item has changed.
  -  Seeker’s Hawk can only be used in Node/Conquest War area.
  -  The character will be invincible upon using the item.

New Food has been added.

New Imperial Delivery Food Crate has been added.
  -  Apprentice’s Chicken Grain Porridge Cooking Box
  -  Chicken Grain Porridge * 20 (Imperial Packaging)

New item that can be Processed has been added.
  -  Minced Bird Meat (Grinding)

Fixed the graphical glitches with the prow part of Epheria Sailboat.

Awkward lines in some system messages have been fixed.

Sentences regarding sales price have been removed from the following items.
  -  Old/Shiny/Rough/Polished/Heavy/Deep Sea Iron Ore.

Item effect of Charles Rene Armor has changed.
  -  Amity gain amount +10% > Jump Height +0.5m

Lahr Arcien and Karlstein Costume/Weapon Box that are available for 7 days will be available for 15 days.
  -  The items that you already have will change to 15 days as well.



Gathering Mastery has been added.
  -  Gathering Mastery is different from Gathering Level.
  -  Gathering Mastery will be affected by Gathering Level, Magical Manos Gathering Clothes, and Magical Manos Gathering Accessories.
  -  If you have higher Gathering Mastery, the chances of obtaining items from Gathering and the maximum amount you can get will increase.

  -  Base Items include wood, herb, ore, etc. Rare Items include enhancement materials like Black Crystals and Caphras Stones. Special Items include other items that are obtainable by low chance. (Intact Insect Amber, Laila’s Petal, Deep Blue Hoof Root, etc.)

Chances of obtaining Caphras Stones and Ancient Spirit Powder from lumbering and fluid collecting have decreased by 30%.

Chances of obtaining Caphras Stones and Ancient Spirit Powder from collecting Stoneback Crabs have decreased by 50%.

Item transfer route from Said Grain Bazaar and Altinova has been added.

Fixed an issue where the “receive all” button in the item transfer window did not work properly when you have items to send and items to receive at the same time.

The maximum guild re-contract penalty money has changed from 15 million silver to 5 million silver.

Alchemy Stone cannot be polished anymore if it reaches the max level.



New Title that can be obtained when you are the last attacker that killed Garmoth has been added.

You can now attack monsters in safe zones when a World Boss has appeared.

You can now use the Battle Arena even when a World Boss has appeared.

Fixed an issue where World Boss Offin could be looted more than once.

The maximum range that Young Khuruto can chase has decreased by 40%.

Young Khuruto monsters in front of NPC Karcenov have been relocated.

The distance where the below monsters can recognize and chase after enemies has decreased by 50%.
  -  Frenzied Skeleton, Frenzied Skeleton Rifleman, Frenzied Skeleton Axeman, Frenzied Skeleton Watchdog, Frenzied Black Sorcerer, Grudged Skeleton

Kamasylvia Hunting monster King Griffon will now give Butchering exp.

Fixed the abnormal graphics of Cox Prison.

New Titles that are obtainable by Giant Hunting monsters have been added. (8 Titles)


[Quest and Knowledge]

Fixed an issue where the Whale appeared twice during the Looking after the Whale quest.

Repeatable quest that can be received from Captain Moguli in Terrmian Beach has been added.

You will not be teleported to Terrmian Beach during the The Cutting Method event if you use the wrong type of iron ore.

New story quests where you can obtain a new ring “Token of Power” have been added.
  -  Available once per character.
  -  You can start the quest by talking to NPC Purajin in Valencia after completing Valencia Part I main quests and Kamasylvia Part II main quests.
  -  Token of Power cannot be enhanced or sold. The stats are 11 AP and 6 Accuracy.

New quests have been added in Duvencrune.

New Knowledge that is obtainable via the newly added quests has been added.

Typos in the Secret Challenge Quest have been fixed.

Fixed an issue where Hunting Knowledge could not be obtained even if you complete the required quests in Forest of Seclusion.

Knowledge of the newly added Food has been added.

Knowledge of the newly added Manos Gathering Clothes has been added.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Fixed the abnormal auto-pathing route to the Guild Leader Duel registration/acceptance location in Valencia.

Herb vendor Mano NPC has been added in Valencia.

Fixed the abnormal movement of the whales in Terrmian Beach.



The exact number of increased swimming speed will be displayed on the Item Set Effect UI.

Fixed an issue where the name of the UI did not change when you open Mount Inventory and Campsite Storage.

You can now directly visit the item purchase page from the Stable menu if you don’t have enough Horse Skill related items.

Fixed an issue where you could check the “use the money in storage” checkbox even in the villages that do not have a storage.

The location of Elle Belucci’s (Marketplace manager in Calpheon) icon on the world map has changed.

Fixed the awkward sentences that were displayed on the item transfer window when you are transferring items to major cities.

Fixed the issue where the some trade item names in the Sell Trade Item UI were too long and would overlap with the market price.
  -  Trade item names will now be confined to one line each on the Sell Trade Item UI. To accommodate this change, mouseover tooltips for names that are too long have been added.

The image of arena of the Manage Matches UI of Arena of Arsha has been changed.

Fixed an issue where the icon for exp boost hours was not displayed at the top.

Node War status UI has changed.



Fixed an issue where the vision range change system did not work for Quint and Muraka.

A system message will appear when you are trying to force enhance an item and you do not have enough Black Stones.

Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit’s voice was not muted when you turn off the Settings - Black Spirit notice option.

If you change the shortcut for certain items in the Settings menu, the shortcut in the item description will change according to your setting.

Black Desert Lab button has been added in the main menu (ESC). Details on the Black Desert Lab will be revealed via a separate notice later.

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  • -1

    level 2 ReymuuS


    What the f*** is PA doing now? Did they actually give up on balancing the rest of the classes? Did they decide to balance a few classes and leave the rest for dead? Valks didn't actually receive a proper fix, grabs are still broken as f*** and if you get grabbed you're dead, Sorc's still have unbeatable iframes and have reliable CC's. DK is still buggy as hell with two fixed playstyle, go in and die or be a bitch pussy playstyle etc. Yet they give one change to Ninja and Kuno's. Come the f*** on, is that all the change you can do and fix in 1 entire f***ing week? F***ing apes.

    • 1

      level 1 Avi_Stryfe


      You sound like a weak willed slave.

    • 2

      level 1 Chloez


      Unbeatable iframes omegalul

    • 1

      level 2 ASorc


      "Unbeatable iframe"

      Looks like you don't know sh*t about sorc. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • -1

    level 1 Beta

    Balance in the ass, and they make a farm simulator

  • 0

    level 1 Smashdex


    Does the roasted bird create cooking byproducts?

    • 0

      level 12 Yullie


      yup :)

  • 0

    level 1 gdrabi

    Can you please tell more about the Fried Chicken and Beer event? like, what's the event about

  • 0

    level 1 Arte


    Is enhancing accessory 100% success? Are they going to increase gathering amount or reduce whats now? How many scorched shards is from daily quest and per 100 seals? Does 50 oils and 50 yarns grants 1 piece of new cloth or 1-4? Thnx!

    • 0

      level 1 Arte


      Also, these cloth are obv repaired with memory frags if enh is failed, but does the level of enh goes down as well?

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